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lady friend and the Baofeng HT.

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  • lady friend and the Baofeng HT.

    Have been getting my new lady friend acquainted with my Baofeng UV series radios. I have several models with different power and frequency settings on them. As she is unlicensed, I am working her on the MURS frequencies at 154.600 MHZ...simplex...both for her familiarity with the units and also her rig has on it the Abree 42.5 inch foldable antenna. replace the factory rubber duck.

    I did a test with her and myself on that frequency and in my auto with another Baofeng hooked up to an external dual band magnetic roof antenna. I wanted to get an idea of how efficient that was both antenna set ups over a rubber duckie factory set up.

    42.5-Inch Length ABBREE SMA-Female Dual Band 144/430Mhz Foldable CS Tactical Antenna for Baofeng UV-5R UV-82 BF-F8HP Ham Two Way Radio GMRS Radio : Electronics (

    I was able to get about three to four miles down the road before static overtook the audio level...and copy became difficult.

    What it amounts to is that there is little to compare to a good base station antenna and some serious altitude..

    I will continue to encourage this lady to study and test for her license...and in the mean time become familiar with the workings of both a Baofeng HT and then my Wouxan mobile hooked up to my home made J pole antenna up some 60 plus feet in my pine tree. This Wouxan 920P radio will also get the MURS well as FRS/GMRS.

    What I have in mind is radio coverage from my base station to work..if I get up on top of my 85 foot building with my Baofeng HT and a 42.5 inch antenna and her on my Base station on the MURS frequencies ...simplex.. Distance is about 8 miles...according to the Odometer on my scooter and car.

    Should she pass her test ..I will familiarize here with working duplex or through repeaters..

    The main reason I am doing this in case of a communications black out...internet and cell phones and also land lines...
    Am hearing of this possibliity....down the road...

    Am also thinking that someone is planning for serious domestic disturbance...down the road...for reasons of controlling the herd....and that too means to me controlling most coms. wild..

    Would like to have some kind of back up system if need be. My HF rigs will also work on the CB frequencies if need be..

    My non Ishmaelite .02
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    If you can find the space on your scooter use a dual band magnetic mount. Be careful as RF burn is painful!!!

    Try a Nagoya dual band 146.* and 440.*. As there are Chinesium knockoffs make sure it is a genuine Nagoya.

    I've run her through it a lot with me as control op.
    My wife has basic written instructions for emergencies. They include which antenna, rig, which amplifier. Anyone's mind gets hazy in a real emergency. Never forget, in a real emergency, one doesn't need a license.
    Step 1. Using my call sign and explaining you're the wife of a Ham when you hear Hams break in and declare an emergency and accept the Hams will ask you are you declaring an emergency again.

    When I was a DX-addict, it was a Sommer DJ2UT, it is a bandpass or not continuous LPY.
    As soon as I get the tower up, it will be a Quad. My reason, is its turning radius and wind loading is less. Got to run to the dump.


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      Yup...understand about wind loading and turning radius...after having a Moonraker 4 in the 11 meter days. I liked that antenna buy one needed an expensive rotor to keep it running.

      Not an Ishmaelite.


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        Back in those days, I had stacked PDL 2s.

        Quads get a funny look when loaded with ice! LOL

        I have an old Ham IV with a few mods. Norm's Rotor Service sells an alloy ring and better connectors. I wrapped the old ones with Coax Seal and repacked the bearings with -30° grease.
        BTW, there are plenty of Hams in Canada using a Ham IV with its fierce winters.