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Picked up my fourth Xiegu G 90 HF radio...160 through 10 meters.

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    Originally posted by Armyjimbo View Post
    I hear you. I hope never to require that my hand gun gets used actively, my live fire 2 way was definitely tilted in my favor. I was an infanteer (all infantry no sub sets) but as infantry you are eventually required to pick up the various skills of MG both C6 & M2, radio communications, driver wheel, track AVGP/LAV. Then if you show skills Recce, then maybe sniper. As I was in a light battalion (motorized not mech) I didn't get track qual, had an opportunity for para but was medicaled off after a concussion.. Bosnia and Afghanistan
    I have no plans, nor desire to do harm to any living thing.

    As my time was with small groups taking nature walks, my live fire life wasn't tilted my way.
    I don't know much about Grunt life today, my experience was dirt rolling up into splinters that worked their way under the skin, run a comb through your hair and it clogged with dirt.

    When we came in to base camp, it was DCX (direct combat exchange) or throw our clothes away and receive new ones.
    My AIT was 11D or armor reconnaissance specialist. As all I ever did was go through 11D training. "Back in the day," when one was assigned to Vietnam, they were placed where needed.
    I ran into someone from home there; he was an 11E or tanker. He was assigned to a Mech unit and drove a 113.

    Same as you, I picked up a variety of skills.

    The med evac Huey crews clanked when they walked. They'll fly into the hottest LZ imaginable unarmed to pickup wounded.