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Picked up my fourth Xiegu G 90 HF radio...160 through 10 meters.

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  • Picked up my fourth Xiegu G 90 HF radio...160 through 10 meters.

    Have now received my fourth Xiegu G 90 HF radio capable of 160 through 10 meters.

    As Is the case with the other three I will be doing the modification which allows one to transmit straight through from 160 meters through 10 meters as is also the case with my other HF type radios.

    This is so done for emergencies ...and I don't spend much time on certain bands unless monitoring/receiving.

    Ordered with this radio is the cooling fan attachment...and it works well and also quiet.

    Two of these radios will be put away in metal ammo cans after modification. They will be spares...

    Also will I be putting into the cans a G5RV antenna with each....and coaxial cable.

    These radios work surprisingly well at only 20 watts max....and I have used mine often to speak with my friend out in Eastern Tennessee some 400 miles west of me and on 75 meters.

    Due to this recent hurricane ...a tree has landed on my property from two lots over and I have recently cut the portion up in my yard. But it also damaged my wire loop antenna and I will be restringing it up into the tops of my trees before I can operate on HF radio frequencies.

    :Prior to the Xiegu G 90 radio I was using a Icom 706 MK II g rig and was very satisfied with it...still am..but the G 90 seems to do the job with much less current drain from my power supply.

    and the cooling fan.