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  • Pass the Ham Test .....

    decent enough article about boning up for the test - study materials - what to expect ....

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    Sounds good. Now to just get the $$$$. I know it is not outlandish but grand child health issues currently putting strain on whole family. Hopefully will heal best way and not require more surgery, just rehab, insurance only covers so much.


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      Just keep studying the questions. I used and went over and over and over it until I kept getting them all right. My Elmer told me to do it this way, as the only real way you can learn ham radio is to play on the radio so he did not consider it cheating. Price per sitting is $15.. so if you can do all three tests in one sitting it is $15.. I was not that brave,

      Currently working on my General by studying.



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        I have been a HAM for about 8 years now. Wasn't going to go past TECH but I decided to go further. After receiving my TECH and learning more about the hobby I went on and obtained my General. Working on my Extra as we speak. A little difficult for me as I don't have an electronic background. Just mechanical. But, I will succeed! Once you get your license the fun and learning begins. A good skill to have just in the event of SHTF or other disaster. I am also a Volunteer Examiner. I can at least help giving the TECH exam. Once I get my EXTRA I can administer all exams.


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          here's another quiky "get started" article on Ham radios - interesting - Ever wonder why "Ham" - what it stood for?