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    Since I have been back here I have noticed very little discussion on comms. I wonder why that is? And the second thing is how many ACTUALLY have a comms plan in place and use it often with family and your co-preppers and survivalist friends or even in your MAG or militia group?
    Along with your bug out plans you should have a comms plan in place. No I don't mean the FRS radios from Walmart. I mean dependable and reliable HAM radios. Getting a license aint that hard. The group that I belong to we use 2m if your licensed and FRS/GMRS and MURS if they have no license. It is a good way to learn your radio and how to use them properly and get used to them and how to communicate with them.
    Buy quality, like YAESU, ALINCO, ICOM, Motorola. I have found out that the BAOFENGS I bought will not stand up to the rigors of training. So I went back to using the YAESU FT60 and FT270 handhelds and the FT2900 and FT1900 2m radios for stationary use like a base or in a C/P. Tough and rugged.

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    We have a few com guys here. I think it's as important as you state, however, it's real technical for the average guy. Ham radios are a hobby I always wanted to get into, but since I shock myself EVERY STINKING time I mess with electronics....


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      Aint a laughing matter....haha. I use HAM everyday as a hobby and as tactical comms as well. I used think like you do too. I have no electronics background or knowledge. All mechanical like welding, engine/transmissions rebuilding etc. After I spent the time and energy to buy the study materials and studying I got my TECH license and found out it wasn't as intimidating as I thought and then got my GENERAL license. You start learning after you get your license. Really learning. Now is the time to learn and know before you actually need it.


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        My son in law is into ham radio. I am trying when we have time to learn it. I started working on that a while back but one thing after the other kept coming up and with him working such long hours it makes it hard to get together to for me to learn everything. But we do have one that knows it so I am good with that for now.


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          bountyhunter, you've talked about some of the better equipment, but perhaps a simple guide for those to get started??? Where would we start? What would you recommend?? What should we budget for?? Mobile versus, stationary? It's an interesting topic and definitely applicable; I have to admit this is a very weak area for me.
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            Lalakai....there are several places that you can get study materials. I bought all my study material thru Ham Radio Outlet in Atlanta Georgia. I live south of Atlanta so I made the trip to look at various radios etc.
            I settled on the ARRL $30 book TECHINICIAN Study guide and the on the GENERAL Study guide as well. I used to take my practice exams. Just seemed to be better study materials to me. After I got my GENERAL license I went on and got my VE Credentials. That means Volunteer Examiner. I can help administer exams only TECH though. I am working on getting my EXTRA then I can give all exams.I recommend on buying the book and study thru it instead of the computer. That way you can keep going back and reviewing material at your pace not the computers. Also you can study anywhere as well with out the tablet or computer. Just easier, don't have to worry about the thing going dead on you in the middle of an exam or study material.
            The TECH and GENERAL class license require a 35 question test that you have to make an 80% grade on to pass. Might be 70% depending on who gives the exam. The question pool is about 500 questions and they take 35 for the exam. You can take both tests at one sitting if you think you can pass both. BUT, you have to pass the TECH before they let you take the GENERAL.
            As far as the radios is concerned, I bought 3 BAOFENG UV-B5 dual band radios to use and keep my YAESU radios on a standby status and found out the BAOFENG radios are not standing up to the rigors of training. My YAESU radio are a very rugged and reliable radio. They have been dropped, gotten wet and bounced around on my 4wheeler and keeps on going. I know several folks with the BAOFENG and they are experiencing some of the same problems as I am with the, SO BUY QUALITY.
            Find you a HAM club in your area that can help you study and guide you on your choice of radio. HAMs are a good bunch of folks that are always wanting to help. Remember too that when all else fails the HAM radios are still working!
            Feel free to PM me on here if you want to get more information. Remember it is as hard as you make it out to be. Don't be like a guy I know that says I don't need know license when SHTF....then it is too late. Learn now and how to use them properly and correctly that way when it doe happen you wont be blind sided