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  • Zombie Axe
    Got some basic info on getting started with Ham Radio here :

    Welcome aboard :)

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  • Bones
    started a topic General Communications

    General Communications

    I'm a military communicator and I deal with alot of types of communications. We work with the feds and civilian agencies (police etc) (dont wanna give too much away to the great eye)....

    As I develop my survival plans I'm trying to get an idea of what types of commo are prevalent. Obviously HAM (not real familiar with, but I do know HF). I have a hand-me-down Yaesu (an older tube model with a built-in linear) that I believe is a HAM rig. I've always used it on CB (dont tell the FCC)

    I just bought "Who's Talking Now" and am trying to learn that side of things.

    Any suggestions are appreciated, and I plan on browsing all the other posts as time permits.