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"America's Doomsday Plan"

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  • #16 we already knew...we're on our own....

    back to your regularly scheduled prepping.....


    • #17
      DVR'd it and just watched. Have to say that's an hour I'll never get back! While they call us crazy for being prepared, they show off how prepped our leaders are in case of shtf. Whatever...
      Peace is that brief glorious moment in history when everybody stands around reloading.


      • #18
        Does anyone real think that the government is going to reveal their secret plans to save the politicians , high ranking military and the judges.

        Who can possible back a plan that saves these people, just so they can take charge again after SHTF!

        My plan is to put these people who caused the mess is to; put them in a deep hole and put a bank vault door on the entrance and take the keys with you after locking them inside..... Let them rot! We would be better off without them.