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Defiance: New Pro-Survivalist/Pro-Freedom Movie!

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  • Defiance: New Pro-Survivalist/Pro-Freedom Movie!

    Forum Members,

    Here is a movie that looks too good to resist:

    (A movie about the Bielski brothers, Jewish Partisans who built a hidden village in the woods of Europe in World War II as a refuge for around 1200 Jews. Judging solely from the Web Site, it looks like it could compare favorably with Escape from Sobibor, Schindler's List, and Uprising.)
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    Looks like a good flick :)

    Will hafta wait until it comes out on DVD so I can watch it in the home theater ;)

    Thanks for sharing :)


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      Just finished watching this movie. Daniel Craig is a better actor in this than either or the Bond movies. Anybody wants to watch it on their computer just pm me for a link.
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        So I googled up this family and found a nifty web site about the Jewish partisans durring WWII..check it out, pretty informative and thought provoking.

        Below are questions answered by many of the Jewish partisans JPEF interviewed. Check and uncheck any answer or combination of answers, then scroll down to see which partisans answered like you did. Click their photo to find out more about them.