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Gunsmith of Williamsburg

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  • Gunsmith of Williamsburg

    This is one of my all time favorite videos, I don't own the dvd version yet but in high school the industrial arts teacher showed us this video several times. It is fascinating watching him creating all the parts of the gun using the methods of olden times, seeing all the skill and work that goes into making a flintlock rifle, it is quite an amazing process. This video is part of my inspiration that makes me want to make things so much.

    There are several other videos in this series which detail other colonial williamsburg crafts, have not seen them let but would like to. If anyone watches any of these id like to hear about them and how entertaining/informational they are.

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    Thank you for sharing.


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      I'll have to check it out.

      If you guys ever get an opportunity to go to so. There's something about standing in the tavern that they drafted the Declaration of Independance after the governor shut down the The building that they were meeting in.....they all moved to the bar...:)

      They also have a couple really good "plays" due to a lack of a better word....folks in character as Thomas Jefferson...and George Washington....they do a monolauge....then a Q&A secession....these guys know there history....well worth it.

      Live like you'll die tomorrow, learn like you'll live forever.