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127 Hours - Movie, Lessons learned.

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  • 127 Hours - Movie, Lessons learned.

    Anyone seen the movie "127 Hours"?

    Based on a true story. This guy was biking, hiking and climbing in the canyonlands of Utah. He fell into a narrow canyon and ended up having his arm pinched between a rock and the canyon wall. He was trapped for several days before finally cutting off his own arm and walking out to be rescued.
    If you pay attention you will notice how he made some deadly mistakes which also go through his mind as he is trapped.
    #1 He left his good knife at home because he was in a hurry and only had a cheap multitool with a dull blade. If you have to be cheap and save a little money don't do it with the equipment your life may depend on. Take your time when planning and second check your gear.
    #2 He failed to tell anyone where he was going and when he would return. You are not invincible. We all need help sometime. Don't put yourself through something like this just to save your ego.
    #3 He did not carry any more food or water on his person than he would need for his planned day. Be prepared for the worst. Always carry as much extra gear, food and water as you can comfortably carry. Anything can happen.
    I have a nephew that acts similiar to this. He is going to watch this movie before he goes on any more trips with me!

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    I just watched the movie this weekend - I only got it because it was one of the only "watchable" movies in the Redbox, but based on the previews it didn't look all that interesting to me (more for the younger crowd kind of movie, ya know?) BUT it turned out to be really good, imo - I actually watched it twice, which I NEVER do. I thought it was well done and thought provoking, worth a buck and a couple of hours of my time.


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      I remember when this happened, and being horrified that he had to cut off his arm to survive. Thanks for the info, will get it to watch.
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        Originally posted by mabear View Post
        .... (more for the younger crowd kind of movie, ya know?) ....
        Ya gotta find your inner child.

        Things are seldom what they seem.