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Magnetic Storms

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  • Magnetic Storms

    On History Channel, 9pm 12AUG10; think of it as global EMP.

    Have not been on in a good while, hope all is well... for now anyways.

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    Just caught the tail end of it. Waiting to see the encore later on this evening (if I can push my way in for some TV time).
    Looks like a great reminder piece... it doesn't take Iran or Korea to smack us good with a magnetic (EMP) storm. The sun can do a much more effective job it seems.
    One thing I did catch... after a major storm, 1/3 of US population would likely die out (no power means no everything else: water, gas, trucks, electronics, meds, etc.)
    World population would follow suit. Need to look back into all the good EMP info on shielding and faraday cages.

    Thanks for the EMP warning (the show that is :)