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Sunday night, 8 PM. CT; 9 PM ET

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  • Sunday night, 8 PM. CT; 9 PM ET

    This is an email I got today, I don't know what it is but I'll set my DVR and see. Just passiing it along.

    Mark your calendar - This Sunday on Fox, Sean Hannity , of Hannity & Colmes ~ Fox news, is going to air a very important documentary about Barack Obama, Sunday night at 8:00 PM central / 9 PM eastern.

    He stated on the air this evening that no one in the news media has researched to the extent that he has and that he was himself personally astounded at the information that he has verified. He has promised this will be a night that people will discover information about Obama that has never been aired or discussed before and will forever change your opinion(s) of him whether you are a democrat or a republican.

    Hannity is very passionate about this program and asked that everyone to watch, please watch, especially if you are a person who desires to be informed.

    This is going to be a night that you will never forget and on Monday the entire nation will be talking about.

    Please watch, thank you.

    Sunday night, 8 PM. CT; 9 PM ET

    Please pass this on to everyone you know.
    "We must all hang together, or assuredly we shall all hang separately."
    -Ben Franklin

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    Thanks for the info.


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      I'm split on Hannity; he does good work for Veterans and thier familys, family values and all that, but sometimes I think his torch burns too bright for the Republicans. however I will be watching, and judging, this Sunday.
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