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    World War III Movie

    At the end of each part of movie, you will see links at the bottom to the next part. If not press the triangle on bottom right corner to see additional parts Enjoy.

    [ame] F338E&index=0&playnext=1[/ame]
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    wow that was an oldie but a true claccic loved the makeshift bombshelter thx
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      When the Owl was doing his enlisted time in the AF, we lived in Omaha, Nebraska and just outside of March AFB in California. Both are (were) SAC bases.

      The woman hanging clothes and seeing an ICBM be launched from the field next to hers was a recurring nightmare until I saw this movie. The movie cured the nightmare, for some reason, I never had it again.

      Scary stuff.
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        yep great classic I remember the caution/warning each time they went back from a commercial on ABC tv something like this is not real this is only a movie


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          I have a small collection of the better SHTF films. That is definitely in it! But if want something that will make you think, cry and puke, try this one. I remember seeing it on Thanksgiving day , right after work. I had seen some of it on PBS, but had to see all of it. This one is the real deal folks!

          This appears to be the entire film!

          Side note, back in the day: I stood in for my TaeKwoDo instructor to teach one of his private students, whom became a friend. I even took him to his mosque after working out. He was a cleric/holy man/whatever. He was 23 years old and from Iraq. He looked more like 50. His beard was grey like an old man or some one with the world on his shoulders.

          He was a PHD in physics, whom was also professor at Vanderbilt university. I asked him about nuclear war. He told me not to worry, that nuclear war was so catastrophic, it would not happen. Was he shooting me a line of bull?

          Anyway, click my second link and look to the YouTube listing to the right. You will find the full movie "The Day After" to watch for free!
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            the movie On The Beach with Gregory Peck was another good one


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              Bayou Blaster, ya gave me some cold chills about what I just found. I didn't know a book I used to have was a movie also.

              Check this YouTube for the 5 most realistic Nuclear war films. I gotta get at least 2 of these I didn't know about.


              1. When the Wind Blows (1986)
              I used to have this book. Its a cartoon about a British couple dying of radiation poisioning. Its kinda like Testament in that regards.

              2. Threads (1984)

              3. The War Game (1965)

              4. A Day After (1983)

              5. Testament (1983)

              I don't mean to steal the thread, but this stuff runs deep with me in different ways. Starting with the 5th grade in Nashville. Every Thursday at Noon, the air raid sirens like you hear in the movies, used to be tested. I get chills whenever I hear those sirens in the movies. Now, back to cleaning house.........
              aka Tn Ridge Rover


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                Originally posted by Survival Sully View Post
                .... I don't mean to steal the thread, but ........
                The thread's 3 years old bro, you and Bob just brought it back to life .... thanks.

                Things are seldom what they seem.


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                  Originally posted by Oscar Wilde View Post
                  The thread's 3 years old bro, you and Bob just brought it back to life .... thanks.

                  Your welcome it may be 3 years old but I just joined short time ago