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    it's pretty damned silly to note that they DO catch 20-30 lbs of fish in 50 days, with 60 sq ft of gillnet, which catches only one size of fish, and can't be baited, and one hook and line (barbless hooks are worthless as trotlines) and then ALSO assume that 30x as much netting, with a raft, used as a seine and baited traps (which catch ALL fish larger than the mesh size) wont catch 30x that much fish, when actively deployed, By "chivvying" the fish into the traps with the seine and the raft. you increase your catch by several fold (as vs just having the traps set). You can also have a dozen treblehooks baited with the bags to protect the bait from minnow-nibbling, while still having 4 treblehooks set for predators.

    The three 100m (each) long "chum-lines", with a float and a little bait bag tied every 5m to the line, reach out far into the lake, bringing in fish that would normally never visit your shoreline. The little bait-bags full of fish guts and cut-up fish-heads, leak the scent-taste of the fish out of the tiny hole in the bag, causing minnows to hang around. The minnows attract the smaller fish. Minnows tend to go up into the shallows for grubs, worms and the warmth of the sun and and cause big fish cant go there. So they draw the big fish to your baited traps.

    Having to eat 300+ lbs of fish flesh in 100 days, 650 calories per lb (ready to eat) is a very daunting task without the salt.
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      personally I think all these "reality" shows are all false, they even have doctors ready in case anyone hurts themselves or has a health problem, many of them are scripted for "realism", its not real life and its all about ratings. I do not base my survival on such shows, if I do watch them its to see how many things they get wrong, some of them very basic mistakes which even a green newbie wouldnt make.


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        they have to have medical teams ready. if somebody gets really hurt/killed, it'd be the end of the show, public outcry, blacklisting, even if insurance did protect them. I doubt you know much anyway. Sure doesn't show here. One of the producers on one of the shows, (naked/afraid I think) nearly died from a snake bite on location. They do choose some real lops in most cases. They dont want even TWO really competent people, cause it would cost them a lot of money. They might let ONE such person on per seaon, but I bet you only get on the show as a real bushman if they dont think you ARE. Nobody as of yet has impressed me with knowledge/ability, altho some have been VERY tough when it comes to staying-power.