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  • Alone the tv reality show

    OK I'm going to start this as a series of what I liked and did not like on the show.

    1. They picked people who claimed to be experts in survival and living in the deep woods. Each showed their skills via the video they submitted to be picked for the show. After a quick interview and signing all the legal papers off they were taken via helo and boat to the site where they would live alone until there was only one. He would claim $50,000.

    A, They did not do a very good job of getting the right type of people for this show. Someone is going to either die or get seriously injured very soon.

    2. There has been (2) 1 hour shows, and in those 2 days, 2 people have quit. The first was so afraid of wildlife that he should have never been picked. The second also stated he had a family and was not going to die just to entertain people. AGAIN A MAN WHO WAS NOT PREPARED.

    A. What they need to do is to have a mini boot camp of 5-7 days where in groups of 10 - these people show the skills they do have, and would learn the additional ones they would need. I noticed none came from an area of the country that had rain forests.

    b. You could to 3 groups of 10 and pick the top 3 from each section and one that scored the top over all. Make it into a 2 hour special. With the first hour showing the elimination process and the 2nd hour the beginning of the real test.

    Things I have noticed:

    Not one has prepared a set of bear alert lines around their camp site.

    Not one has prepared security weapons like spears to fight off wildlife. You do not need a knife tied at the end of a spear; you just make a point and harden it in the fire.

    Several people have been drinking without boiling the water. Those are the one who will get sick very soon.

    No one has really improved their camp sites with tables or stools, or even improving their sleeping quarters with additional insulation with the ferns available. No one has improved their beds, by putting down leaves as padding.
    No one has built a reflecting wall around their fire pits.

    No one has scouted around for animals to eat (4 legged types like deer or bear) You get one and you are set for well over a month of good meat. Just need to smoke it then store it high in a tree branch.

    Why is no one fishing?

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    Now here is your chance - tell us what was good about each show and what was bad. Act as the expert and tell everyone what and why the show was good or bad.


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      OK part 3 was shown last night. The show lost 2 more players.

      I was so mad at this two players for the reasons they lost out.

      1. Sitting there crying because he lost his fire starting Ferro rod! He thought that this was the only way to build a fire! Why did he not drill a hole and put a long lanyard on it? He must be green because he did not know any other way to get fire? He is no survivor! Kid needs to go back to school come back in 5 or 6 years after training and experience.

      a. Other ways to get fire. He had a fire going so just find someplace to keep coals going that the rain cannot get at. Covered the coals by part of the plastic he was using for his shelter.

      b. Friction to make fire. Using local materials build a bow and friction stick to start a fire.

      c. Use the flare to start a fire. Did he look the flare over? There has to be a way to light it friction tape on the top?

      2. The other one was not attacked by a bear. The bear just seemed to be surprised by a human in his area and was interested in him. I think that was the first time this bear had seen a human. What this guy did was run away to his tent leaving the axe outside by the entrance. He panicked. If he had a problem with wildlife security should have become the priority by the second day. This guy should have had made several items for security by now. They included:

      a. A bear alarm line.

      b. 1 or 2 spears with harden points.

      c. Position his shelter better by adding layers of branches around it. So if the bear wanted in he would need to work at it.

      d. Place a series of sharpened sticks pointed out around the tent, causing the bear even more work to get into the tent.

      e. Build a door of wood at the entrance to the tent.

      Every one else:

      Some took my advice of padding both their beds and adding plants and branches to their shelter.

      Every one else seems to be adopting to living in this area. Building a log cabin is hard and dangerous work. There is many different shelters that can be built using the local materials like a trappers or a brush hut.

      Since they all seem to have hills why not build a miners half hut where you build into the hill so you do not need as many logs.


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        The guy who lost his Ferro rod had found a place he really liked and was going to have a decent place to set up. He did mention at the end of second show that he could keep the fire burning 24/7. I think there was something else going on that we weren't shown. I can't believe he gave up so easy.

        And you are right about the one that saw the bear. I would at least had my knife out or up a tree or something, anything. He just stuck his head in the sand and complained.
        I thought they made a big deal about going to get him by truck, a 3 1/2 hour trip after midnight. If he was really in danger he would have been at least injured when they got there. And did you notice all the rescuers showed was pepper spray and flares for defense? I'll bet there was a weapon of deadly force somewhere with the group, probably the cameraman had it.

        Also, what is with all the guys missing their families, girlfriends, etc. It's only been 5 days. Surely the guys have spent longer than that away from them camping during hunting season, perhaps not alone but away from the family. Perhaps they are being coached? Or have they never ever been truly alone?

        Edit - did no one know where they were going? I keep missing the first 5 min of the show. For some reason my DVD insist on starting 5 min after the hour with this show instead of on the hour. Maybe I can catch the reruns they have at 2 or 3 am. Gotta check on that.
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          Yesterday while waiting for the fireworks to start my 13 year old grandson was talking about a new TV show he was watching. It took me a minute to understand he was talking about alone.

          I told him that I too was watching it and had made comments on a forum on the computer. He asked me about what I thought about this show. I gave him examples where the people had gone wrong, how the producers had gotten it very wrong. I even told him about my idea of having a mini boot camp for future contestants.

          He came up with several of the same ideas and problems I had noticed. The one guy he think will win is the guy who was yelling with the wolfs during the first show and smiled about it.

          I started to think about it and he may be right - - a positive attitude is very important for a survivor.

          I re-watched the 3rd show, and I expect that within 10 days there will be snow on the ground. The night time temp was 30 degrees or less and that is close to the water. So now they have to rethink their shelter plans because they need to retain heat in order to survive. So as I suggested at the top a trappers hut needs to be built asap to provide a warm and secure area to sleep and live.


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            Come on people I want some good opinions about this show. As far as I can see they need to really work on it (Producers) and prepare the people better.

            Having some one in the woods who is going to do the taping for you had better be "tech savvy" and know how to recharge the battery for the cameras.


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              I haven't seen a lot of the show, but what I have seen does not impress me. Rich: I would agree with your assessment 100%.

              I have seen a lot of whining, and "Oh Woe is me. This is so hard. I'm so afraid." It gets really old. People really don't seem to have their priorities straight. As Rich said; improving their shelter; making weapons; being much more proactive at keeping s fire going.

              If this doesn't improve, quickly, I doubt if I will watch it until the end.
              The only place success comes before work is in the dictionary.

              Everything happens for a reason. Sometimes the reason is you are stupid, and make bad decisions.


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                I'm going to send suggestions to one of the asst producers he is family - I found out today.

                1. Mini boot camp 10 days show us (Panel of experts) what you got. You bring your own gear.

                2. Open a Contest on-line to pick items to take with contestants to survive on, rate each scale of 1-10 and why. Minimum of 10 maximum of 40. Winner gets items they listed.

                3. Must have women involved.

                4. Firearms (Pistol, 1873 Peacekeeper, in .45LC) for self defense only.


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                  I agree. Though not fimiliar with that part of the world or the conditions as shown,i would also maybe went about a long term survival situation in a different way. So far everybody shown only have inadequate short term shelters and plans. I think this show has scope for a good series, but so far it dissapoint. Hopefully the later episodes and guys show some real survival/bushcraft skills . These first episodes show as Richfl so rightly indicated only a couple of unprepared ,bumbling novices__real knowledgable contestants would make for a far more realistic, educational and better show. Its early days yet,lets cross our fingers that later episodes will pick up....
                  The eye sees only what the mind is able to comprehend..


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                    Looks like we lost our first one to bad water. 5 days and still no fire?

                    I really liked the guy that made his char to keep from beating up his ferro so much! Good thinking! And his fish, wow, was that ever a good catch in his net. The roasting method worked well for the size of the fishl
                    Of course now he has a cougar prowling around outside his tent. Note to self - cook further from tent and make defensive weapon asap! At least he had his flare and knife if the cougar approached him head on while he was in the tent. And apparently did manage to get some sleep.
                    I also liked how he described a cougar. Remarking on its agility by comparing it to a house cat and then adding in that it weighed 150 lbs and was feral. Not sure every viewer understands what feral means but for those of us who do.............


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                      I just watched Number 3 in this show. At the end of the show we were down to 5 people and I do not think that 1 more will last another night. It is surprising just how bad our minds work against us.

                      This show really shows what will happen in the future during a survival situation. It gives a good indicator of using a group effort, in any survival situation. That more people involved, will allow the stress load to play down in our minds.


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                        You are soooo right. If I had 3 or 4 or even one more person with me I would be a lot less worried about that cougar! One set of eyes/hands to guard, the other hands/eyes to work.


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                          Well we are up to day 21. 4 more left. I expect with within a week we will loose one because he wants to go home to his family. The others are showing just how much they can survive alone. Who ever wins this will get a book and TV movie of the week deal. With them filming themselves and with time on their hands, what will be the next major problem they will face. For me it will be winter storms wind, cold, snow and ice. Those shelters will not hold up and maintain heat the way they are built.


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                            Originally posted by RICHFL View Post
                            Well we are up to day 21. 4 more left. I expect with within a week we will loose one because he wants to go home to his family. The others are showing just how much they can survive alone. Who ever wins this will get a book and TV movie of the week deal. With them filming themselves and with time on their hands, what will be the next major problem they will face. For me it will be winter storms wind, cold, snow and ice. Those shelters will not hold up and maintain heat the way they are built.

                            another 2 will leave soon ... the older guy from GA is on the virge .... he's just staying long enough to make it look better .... eating slimy slugs won't make it ....


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                              You got to admit the older guy is entertaining, at least to me in a weird way. AND I think he may be playing a bit of a part for the camera. I could be wrong. We haven't seen a lot of the youngest guy, Sam. This may bode well for him.