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    After I get it back I will do a full AAR, I want to give them a chance to fix the issue.

    But it is a Gammo, shoots 1300 fps if you buy the high grade ammo, which I dont.
    My hunting buddy has one, and another fellow we work with too.
    Except for this one issue with a cracked lense in the scope all are happy with them, runs about$200.00
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      Started to set my kayak up for fishing put on a rod holder and anchor system. If I don't catch any fish at least I get some exercise. My wife and I love paddling around all of the small lakes and ponds around here and watching all the wild life.


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        Click image for larger version

Name:	042.jpg
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ID:	185140 First time rock climbing and it was an experience....bride is 200 ft. long and over 200 ft. from terra firma....


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          This looks pretty shaky to me. My sphincter valve would really be puckering up trying to cross this bridge. Yikes!
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            I would get in a ring and fight Mike Tyson before I got on that bridge, and I would probably have a better chance of surviving. My heart nearly stopped looking at the picture.
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              Think I'd rather fight a Grizzly bear with a switch than get on that bridge. LOL


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                It is not as bad as it am not best with heights and I wanted to overcome fear so it was mind over matter....