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Mayweather and Ortiz

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  • Mayweather and Ortiz

    I was very disappointed in the fight I spent 60 dollars to watch on pay per view last night.
    A head butt and a cheap shot!
    Kind of indicative of the behavior we see in congress these days :)

    Glad to be back on the forums though. I missed you people. Everyone here in the big city just gives you the 1000 yard ...glassy eyed stare if you even broach the subject of prepping :)
    Deja Moo: The feeling that you've heard this bull before.

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    Hi arak, newbie here. May Pacqiuao/Mayweather will be interesting in the future. I haven't watch Mayweather and Ortiz, not a fan of neither one of them


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      I was disappointed with that fight as well. And though Floyd could have defeated him in another round, I just think it was not that fair for the fight to turn south right about that time.

      That brought it a step close to getting him to fight Pacquiao though, which I think is the fight most people and fans would want to see happen. I would have to say that it would be 50-50 should they finally meet in the ring.