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As this is the sports section...

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  • As this is the sports section...

    anyone here play any still?

    I still play full contact football (shoulder pads and helmet kind - yes I am almost 30) with a group of guys who never grew up...I do the golf thing, softball thing, hiking thing, and weightlifting thing too.

    So, what do you all do for physical activity?

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    I am a HUGE baseball fan, so I try to take in as many games possible during the season.

    I play softball and also lift weights/workout other than that, I spend time watching my kids at their sporting events. We don't get to hike as much as I would like, but hopefully that will change once everything settles back down around here.


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      Started playing in a rugby league. It is affiliated with the U.S. Rugby association. Anyone other than me and Lostinoz play?


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        I play in (not very competitive) softball, touch football, bowling and dodgeball leagues... They aren't all at the same time of course. But I usually have at least one event throughout the course of the year... Rugby has been picking up popularity around here and I was thinking about getting involved with that.
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