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Fascinating Edison recording.

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  • Fascinating Edison recording.

    "Buggy, where do you find this stuff?" lol

    This is a recording from a bugler, who was in the famous charge of the light brigade in the Crimean War, the Bugle he is using on the recording was used in the Battle of Waterloo!!!!!!


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    kewl. I love how they knew they were making something historical. They made time to set the provinence, and document not just what was being recorded, but when and where they were making the record.

    There is a knack to recognising when you are in the middle of a momentous historical moment.
    I haven't noticed any go by that I was a player in yet, but seems like we are living in a time when some of us might be writing history, if only in the sense that we survived the great collapse of 20??.

    interesting Buggy. Thanks for sharing your weirdness LOL
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