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    Does anyone else save pre-1982 95% copper cents? list the bullion value at 0.025. Even thouhgh they are currently illegal to melt that ban may be lifted like pre-1964 silver coinage. I save them because I only pay face value, I see them selling on ebay at a premium.

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    Yeah I have been saving them since I heard this too. I don't know if anything will come from it, but i would rather have them then not. I also save my nickels for the same reason.


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      I have slowed down from saving nickels, should start back up


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        I metal detect. Most of the old copper I find is green. But the silver and gold gets sold


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          Yes we save them also save nickles too .
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            I save just about all the coins I get, I keep the old one in a differnt place but I keep all coins
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              I have quit a few nickles and pennies. I have a sept. bag full of wheat pennies.


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                Thanks for the info snake35, I did not know this about pennies we have a buck full and we save coins and roll then and take them to the bank when we need extra cash.


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                  Yes I have one of the 5gal water cooler jugs just over 1/2 full with penny's and nickels. My quarters and stuff I put in the safe.
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                    I have heard of saving pennies for the copper value, but what is the value of a nickel? I save all of my coins, and when the bank is full I roll them and take to the bank.

                    I have not separated Pre-1982 pennies or nickels, but can easily separate since I am doing the sorting. Is this something you have to do on-line, or are there retail outlets that will give you the higher value?
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