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Halloween Fun...Favorite ZOMBIE (or any horror) movie???

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  • Halloween Fun...Favorite ZOMBIE (or any horror) movie???

    Just wondering since things are getting a little crazy or have been crazy in the world, sometimes it is fun to FORGET and vegg out for awhile with a good flick...

    So this weekend I plan on catching a ZA private reserve DVD's:):D

    Some of my favorites are:

    Dawn of the Dead (the origional but the remake wasn't bad either)

    Shaun of the Dead, a definate GUY flick with British humor.

    Vampire Hunter D, Anime Vampire flick well written (love good anime).

    Well just a few of my favorites that I might be spinning this weekend:cool:

    What all movies do you like to vegg out to???


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    'Shawn' is a must as well as the early works of Peter Jackson, the king of Kiwi zombie films! ther are also some 'B' grade Aussie zombie flicks worth watching
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      I like the original Resident Evil but all the following are trash. I am also a HUGE fan of the "Last Man on Earth" movies but particularly the original with Vincent Price though Charleton Heston isn't bad (corny '70s set pieces aside) in the 'Omega Man'.)


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        Evil Dead1,2 army of darkness
        The Dawn remake is what really got me into Zombies so its prolly my favorite!
        I think thiers is a Zombie western out now "Undead or alive" is the title.
        The original NIGHT of the living dead
        And Diary of the dead is pretty good as long as you dont get motion sickness.

        These would provide a funfilled evening and you would still have time to board up the windows!
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          When I first saw George Romero's Night of the Living Dead it never scared me but rather it grossed me out. It made me wonder why that film was banned in around 30 countries. I'm sure that survivors of World War II and the Holocaust, people in the former Communist Bloc, the Muslim World, and the Third World nations in South America and Africa have all seen worse things in real life.

          I haven't seen Romero's other films on the Undead, so I can't make a judgement of those.

          The Omega Man and I Am Legend were both fantastic. The Undead beings in both of them had their chilling moments, albeit Matthias and his band of freaks in The Omega Man were intelligent and evil, whereas the Undead beings in I Am Legend were more like brute hive beasts in human form.

          I've just finished watching 28 Days Later and the sequel 28 Weeks Later. Their Undead are some truly bloodthirsty maniacal beings infected with a rage virus contracted from chimps and unleashed on England by so-called "Animal Rights" terrorists. What "the infected" do from there, and what British and U.S./NATO forces do from there, are both a horrible sight to see...

          The Reavers from the TV series Firefly and the follow-up movie Serenity were a sinister bunch, made more forboding by the fact that you never seen the Reavers more than a flashing half-a-second at a time. Only when you do a pause on the DVD or the Internet video screen do you get an idea of how awful they really look and act. If I said much more about the Reavers, it might spoil the plots of both the TV series and the movie. Suffice it to say, Browncoats Unite against the Gorram Reavers!

          Not that these are exclusively Zombie movies, but I did get many laughs out of Scary Movie I, II, III, and IV, especially the parodies they did of Scream and Children of the Corn and The One of Whom We Do Not Speak.

          :D :D :D :D
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            Just for pure orneriness let me add that The Last Man on Earth, The Omega Man and I Am Legend are in fact all the same movies. Vincent Price was my favorite mainly because of the acting but Heston was also good though his acting never was as wide a gamut as the more classically trained actors. Will Smith, yikes what can I say that doesn't take anything away from the fact that he is a solid and good man as well as father/husband, is just not an actor.

            The one dimensional zombies that TUO talks about at least have an excuse for being brutes. Smith was out of his element in a dark dramatic role and it showed, BADLY. Over reactions, emotional scenes more akin to a tantrum than deep core pain and a total failure at pulling off the military research scientist believability were but a few parts that I had problems with. The alternate ending where the zombies are more intelligent and Nevil escapes played better if you haven't seen it on the DVD.

            Did I mention I collect movies?


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              I guess I would have to add the South Park 'Pink Eye', 'Hippy', and 'Homeless' episodes!
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                28 days and 28 weeks were decent. I am legend was good. Dawn of the dead was good. The first resident evil was ok. Other ones took a turn down stupid street. Although the movie was dumb the OH SHIT effect of The Mist was good. As soon as those people realized something was happening that they could not understand and that was out of their control social order, chivalry, and decency went right out the window.
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                  Liberal Brit film makers and the BBC use sci-fi to bash the US and thier own military, it's written in thier commie by-laws. Only the UN/one world goverment is above reproach. This goes back to the 1970's
                  The road to serfdom is paved with free electric golf carts.


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                    Lady in the Water is one of my favorites. I don't know why. Signs scared the heck out of me. Again, I dont know why.


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                      How could I have forgotten "Night of the Comet"! Best line: "Daddy would have gotten us Uzi's."
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