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Natural Pest Remedies

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  • Natural Pest Remedies

    Natural Pest Remedies

    Though warm weather is has its share of issues.

    Summertime is great. Spending time outdoors is always enjoyable, and there's nothing better than turning off the air conditioning and opening up the windows and doors to let that fresh breeze waft through your house. But these small luxuries also let summer's host of creepy crawlies into your home. Spraying a bunch of chemicals around your home may be less than ideal with kids and pets around, and it definitely isn't the greenest way to go.

    If you're looking for a natural way to get rid of ants, try sealing off their entry point with cayenne pepper, lemon juice, garlic, or mint leaves. (You might not want to put all that together. Good luck getting that smell to go away.)

    If mosquitoes are your problem, try planting marigolds in your yard. The flowers give off a fragrance that the bugs don't like. Lemongrass is another good bet, and actually contains citronella. Be sure to look out for any standing water, as well. That's just an open invitation.

    For flies, try hanging satchels of crushed mint, bay leaves, cloves, or eucalyptus by windows. As a bonus you'll get some good scents wafting in with the breeze.

    Do all these things and hopefully you can avoid a summer-long battle akin to Bill Murray and the gopher - not that it didn't look like fun. But we prefer the Chevy Chase plan.
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    Thanks for the tips Mountain Man!


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      Need to try that mosquitoe one. We have a swamp about 100 yards back in the woods from the house. Any thing that will help..
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        Originally posted by coxmw View Post
        Need to try that mosquitoe one. We have a swamp about 100 yards back in the woods from the house. Any thing that will help..
        I went on a business trip to Florida. Extended a day and drove from Tampa to the Space Center. As you know, the Florida penninsula is largely swamp. I noticed fountains everywhere and asked a local about it. The people there put a PVC pipe and a pump in those swamps and turn them into fountains. The mosquitos won't lay their eggs in moving water. Fairly cheap and logical solution.
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          If you are haveing problems with ants cut some hedge apples in half and set around the edge of your house. This is suppose to keep them at bay until they rot.


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            I guess certain bugs cant stand the scent of red cedar.


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              One summer we had a yellow jacket nest in the attic, I killed about 20 a day for about 2 months, it got really un nerving after a while finding the suckers everywhere. Oh and I know moths hate cedar thus cedar chests to keep moths from eating wool clothing, although now almost no one wears wool so almost no one has problems with moths anymore.