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Apocalyptic Novels

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  • Apocalyptic Novels

    Anyone else enjoy reading apocalyptic type novels? I've read a bunch of zombie stuff too but I prefer the ones where the dead, stay dead.

    Alas Babylon
    Lucifer's Hammer
    One Second After
    The Road

    Can anyone suggest any other books along this theme?
    ~ Awesome ~

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    William Johnstone Out of The Ashes series. Good reading. Lots of action.
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      Lights Out by Half Fast (online free, very good story about EMP results in Texas)
      Avalon (ebook, online)about a group of survivors of nukes.


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        Howdy, Awesome!

        To answer your question, I have the mother of all apocalyptic novels where the good guys win and the bad guys die well-deserved, horrible deaths.

        It is the story of a man who said he would stop the motor of the world...and did, when he declared a mind strike, where all thinking and productive men withdrew their service and creations from the world:

        Atlas Shrugged by Ayn Rand.

        This novel is considered by the Library of Congress to be second only to The Holy Bible as an influence and inspiration in the lives of U.S. Citizens. I think at one point in the late Eighties, sales of Atlas Shrugged actually out-numbered sales of The Holy Bible.

        Here below is a thread from XColony where I posted YouTube Videos of "XCowboy2"'s video version of John Galt's speech from Atlas Shrugged. I also included videos of TV interviews with Ayn Rand by Mike Wallace, Phil Donahue, and Tom Snyder:

        John Galt's Speech from Atlas Shrugged on YouTube!

        I have nothing but love for Atlas Shrugged and all of the works of Ayn Rand! Since I started reading them as a teenager of 15, her works have opened up whole new worlds of thoght and action for me! I highly recommend the works of Ayn Rand!
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          Mila 18 - Leon Uris
          The Disappearance - Phillip Wylie

          Mila 18 is the story of the Jews in the Warsaw Ghetto of WWII and what happens when you DON'T prep.

          The Disappearance is an interesting one where all the other sex disappears from the world. If you are female, you have no men, if you are male, you have no females. Interesting read.
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            Agree Unbound about the Ayn Rand books!


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              The Dead and the Gone- Pfeffer. Life As We Knew It-Pfeffer-- both in the young adult section of the library, but very good. World Made by Hand- Knutsen.


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                Has anyone read Earth Abides? I am thinking of purchasing it.


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                  Thanks for the input guys!
                  ~ Awesome ~


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                    I read Earth Abides about 30 years ago, it did not make a great impression on me as having any real survival value. My concern with PAW survivalist fiction is that, though they may offer some interesting scenerios and creative solutions, they are 1 dimensional romances designed to entertain more than enlighten. As we seem to be on the cusp of an interesting time in history food, shelter and medical supplys seem to be of more importance. AND having said that, I would recomend World War Z: An Oral History Of The Zombie Wars as a enlightening read.
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                      Stephen King's The Stand
                      Richard Matheson I am Legend (nothing like the movie)
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                        Originally posted by lailr View Post
                        Stephen King's The Stand
                        Richard Matheson I am Legend (nothing like the movie)
                        I read I am Legend before watching the movie and I couldn't believe the difference! :) The book is MUCH better than the movie.

                        (Off topic but, the Jumper book is not like the movie at all, either. Much better!!)


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                          I got "The Road" on Monday and finished it last night. Easy read. Very sad book, it will make you really take a hard look at yourself. Did me.
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                            Thanks for the info about Legend. Will check it out.


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                              I read 'The Road' over a year ago. To me it was a metaphorical look at humanity in general and Totalitarianism in particular. In the novel the 3 main characters are; The Road which represents history, The Old Man who represents a force for good and The Boy who represents hope for the future. It was a very engrossing novel.
                              The road to serfdom is paved with free electric golf carts.