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We Miss the Innocence of Youth

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  • Morgan101
    Perfect for this time of year: A Pastor in a Christian Church looked out at the nativity scene in front of his church, and noticed that the Baby Jesus was gone. The Pastor thought " who could do a thing like that; steal a Baby Jesus from a nativity scene." A day or so later he saw a little boy maybe 5 years old pulling a red wagon with the Baby Jesus in it. He asked the little boy why he had stolen the Baby Jesus, and the little boy replied: " I prayed to Jesus for a red wagon for Christmas, and I told him that if I got one he could have the first ride." The beauty of innocence.

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    Made me smile. Thank you

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  • ZAGran
    5 year old listening to adults discuss different shampoos which they were allergic to and different methods of hair washing. When her dad, who went bald at a very young age, remarked he used a soapy washcloth to wash his hair she remarked "Daddy doesn't have hair, he has head."

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  • Morgan101
    I thought this one was very cute. A five year old girl was working very hard drawing a picture during Kindergarten class. The teacher asked her " What are you drawing a picture of? " The little girl replied " I am drawing a picture of God." The teacher said very sweetly, " Honey, nobody knows what God looks like. " The little girl replied, " Well they will in a minute."

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  • Sourdough
    That was great.........thanks.

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  • Applejack
    started a topic We Miss the Innocence of Youth

    We Miss the Innocence of Youth

    Here is a collection of stories about why we love and miss the innocence of youth. The way children come to some conclusions is hilarious at best. As we go into old age, it's hard to believe we were just like that at one time. Some say youth is a disease, wwe know that's not always true!

    When I was driving with my cousins and my little brother in the back seat a funny nude woman waved at us from a car. As I was recovering from my shock, my little 4-year old brother said, "Sis, that lady forgot to put on her seatbelt.
    A child was lost at the YMCA and wound up in the woman's locker room. When he was spotted everyone shrieked and told him to get out to which he replied "why are you scared? Haven't you seen a boy before?

    While writing a report near an elementary school, a little girl came up to me and asked if I was an officer. I said I was. She said her mom said if she ever needed help to find an officer or call the police. I told her that the mother was right. "Well then, "she said extending her foot, "can you help me tie my shoe?"

    It was the end of my shift and I parked my crusier in front o the station. As I picked up my equipment and dog, a boy asked if that was my dog. "Yes I said. What crime did he do? the boy asked.

    While working for a group that delivers meals to seniors, I decided to bring my 5 year old niece. She was puzzled over the machines attached to the patients, the walkers wheel chairs and canes they used. She spotted a pair of teeth in a ar. I prepared myself for the questions she would ask, but was surprised over her conclusion. "The tooth and gravity fairy will never believe this" she said.

    Dress up:
    A little girl was watching her parents get ready for a party. She walked up to her dad and said "Dad. Don't wear that suit" Because it always gives you a headache the next morning ." she said.

    On the first week of school a little boy brought the teacher his homework. On top of the homework was a post it note that read, THE OPINIONS EXPRESSED BY OUR SON DO NOT IN ANY WAY REFLECT THOSE OF US THE PARENTS.

    After the first week of school, our daughter had enough. "I am quitting kindergarden!" "I can't read, I can't write, and the teacher won't even let me talk!" she said.

    One day my aunt was struggling to get Ketchup out of the bottle. She asked my cousin to answer the phone. My cousin picked up the phne and said, "My mom can't come to the phone. She's hitting the bottle." Then my cousin hung up and went back to playing with his toys.

    A child opened up a Bible and a few pressed leaves fell out. The boy went running to his mother. "What are they? the mother asked. "Isn't it obvious? They're Adam's underwear!" the boy said.