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    IMHO, GG, post collapse, 90+ % of population is stuffed, with urban and suburban losses nigh 100%.
    IMHO, that is a different issue to that sweeping 'cheaper than hire' quote..

    I appreciate a lot of folk have a lot of self-reliance skills, and I humbly tip my hat to such.

    But, could you do your own iron mining, smelting, working and machining ? Clay mining, clarification, throwing and firing ? Glass manufacture, blowing and grinding ? Pharmaceutical syntheses ?
    Herbal teas & poultices are non-trivial, but a far cry from antibiotics...

    I'm just a suburban book-worm with a few, modest DIY skills, wary of my limits.
    My background is Chemistry (modest degree) and Electronics (hobby). I did 30 years in BigPharma QA/QC testing, maintenance and validation, was considered ingenious and innovative. Often, disconcertingly so.

    When I need custom brackets, I'll set up and use my pillar drill / drill press. Likewise, I'll turn garden decking components into custom cat-gyms.
    I'll be the first to state my skills are almost irrelevant should SHTF.

    My FIL happily crafted and heat-treated bespoke tools for his wood turning and carving. Yet, push come to shove, he was not able to fell trees, build / tend a charcoal burner, tan hide for the bellows or do smithing beyond the very basics. As a teen, he trained as a butcher's apprentice. He could render a still warm sheep or pig unto cuts. But, he had not the vaguest notion of 'husbandry' before that animal walked into his reach.

    I appreciate that you may prefer to DIY caches etc to prevent gossip. I appreciate the advantages of hand-loading, home canning etc etc. You're trading any cost premium for security, which is just logic.

    Just, please, don't get trapped by the sweeping statement that,"you can never hire someone to provide a service for you cheaper than you can do it yourself." Specialisation may be for ants, but expertise may be priceless. Besides, there's always the 'Hoe & Handle' trade-off to consider...


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      i'm just saying, paying for a service may be okay for the here and now, but post SHTF if we don't have the skills or the knowledge to do something its very unlikely we will find anyone to do it for us, then there is the subject of how you pay for it in an economically dead situation even if you could find someone.
      in the UK even trying to find someone else could be impossible or at least not feasible due to the mileages involved.


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        Network prior ? Trade for stuff ? Build links via 'friend of friend of friend' to build a sparse community that happily trades specific expertise and/or access to specialised equipment for local surplus, a different expertise or a favour owed...

        This comes around tangentially to the question I asked in that other thread, 'Beyond a thousand days'.


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          it all depends on how many are left and where they are post SHTF, I just don't think we can just assume that anyone is left in our own locations, not sure where you are but i'm in North Devon- a remote and very small population before SHTF and will be even smaller after SHTF, finding anyone never mind someone with the skills we might require is going to be a very hit and miss affair to say the least.


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            Originally posted by dalewick View Post
            The 2nd Amendment is all that keeps the gate open.

            Here in Florida, a republican governor took the 2A rights away from young adults. How long until they take it from the rest of us?


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              Originally posted by Applejack View Post
              Dale you are so right on that. I only have one gun that is registered. I am going out soon to get a couple of shotguns but don't think I can get another hand gun without registering it. Unless anyone knows how to get one without it being registered..
              Private sale via Arm'slist. Meeting private individuals at a gun show and meeting up later to buy; away from the show grounds.


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                Originally posted by SonofLiberty View Post

                Private sale via Arm'slist. Meeting private individuals at a gun show and meeting up later to buy; away from the show grounds.
                I have not heard of Armslist until I saw your post. Went to looking ( and I am glad they are still operating, but I imagine their days may be numbered...Whooee, they have gotten a bit of heat:

                From Wikipedia:

                Armslist has faced criticism from many gun control groups because of its business model which provides a way for people to find each other online in order to buy and sell firearms privately and in many cases without a background check.[6][7] In late 2012 the Brady Campaign filed a lawsuit against Armslist on behalf of the family of Jitka Vesel, a woman who was killed by her stalker, Demetry Smirnov, who was a Russian immigrant living in Canada. They claimed that Armslist was negligent by allowing him to purchase a weapon privately out of state, even though he was ineligible to purchase any firearms and private firearm sales with handguns are restricted to in-state sales. Armslist responded to the lawsuit by pointing out that site has a disclaimer advising users to follow all federal and state firearms laws.[8][9][10] In August 2013 the lawsuit was dismissed by Federal District Court Judge Charles Norgle finding that “The Defendant owes no duty to the general public to operate its website to control private individual users’ sale of handguns,”[11]


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                  Try or some of the other sites. I keep a few bookmarked.


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                    Never heard of this either. But would be a good way for me to purchase another hand gun. I do have my concealed carry permit so in a way I don't think it would be illegal, just won't be registered.


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                      In Florida, there is no requirement to register your weapons.


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                        Originally posted by Buggyout View Post

                        We in Kaliforniastan are already in the funk when it comes to freedom of firearms. If a rifle has a "Collapsible" stock and a "flash suppressor" and a "forward" grip its an assault rifle. (Has to be registered) PLUS..they have to have a "bullet catch" magazine release. OH AND.. NO 30 round magazines.

                        The list goes on and on.....

                        so WHY are you still there, paying taxes to fund our enemies, hmm?