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    For animal lovers like me, if ever you own a pet then this section is for you. I created this thread for us to discuss the little companions in our home. I own a Pomeranian named Tomlin. Such a cuddly furball has been part of our family for years. He's such a playful fellow as well, too playful that we had to fit him with one of those dog training collars, something to help us discipline him into a very obedient fella. But he's a good tyke, overall. How about you guys? Do you have any pets at home?

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    We have a pug/Chihuahua mix, and a long haired Chihuahua. They are certainly part of the plan should we ever have to bug out. They are small, and relatively quiet especially when they are afraid. Easy to transport in kennels. We have plenty of food. For dogs the water requirement is one ounce of water per pound (the dog's weight) per day. Ergo a 20 pound dog would require 20ozs. of water per day minimum.

    Papers and Vet records for shots etc. are kept with our important papers. They are a part of the family.
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      My family has had dogs forever. We have two types hunters and herders. Both are working dogs and need specialized training, but they are a time savor. Once they are too old to work they become our house pet.

      It's important that you have your local vet see them once a year. Working dogs we have seen every 6 months do to the hazards of farm life.