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    Hummers love the fringe between woods with tall trees and meadows with plenty of native wild flowers that have nectar. They also eat tiny tiny bugs like gnats for their protean. They do not live on nectar or sugar water alone. I just happen to live in the perfect place. 20 acres are half woods and half native meadow. There are domestic animals around like cows, horses, burrows or donkeys, etc, as well as native wildlife that encourage the life cycle of those insects smaller than mosquitoes.
    Check your state or area Audubon website for the conditions that encourage hummingbirds. I hate you have lost your dogwood trees but I don't think they are on the preferred list for hummingbirds. The first couple of years I lived where I do I had no feeders out but still saw two or three hummers a year. Once I put out the feeders they came out of the woodwork. If they are there, feeders just bring them closer to you. I even missed a couple of years of feeding when my Mother was ill and living with me. Once she was better and I put the feeders out, they were back .


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      Well, all I got was photo this time still trying for video
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