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Free Lakota Bank

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  • Big_Saw
    The FLB is legit...they assign you an acct # that is private, and more unique than even your name and SSN....whether I'm a member or not is none of your biz....just the way they like's the Swiss method, more accessible to our region....

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  • cadens_rock
    Got some land off the Florida coast, real cheap! LOL

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  • lazer128
    I don't know anything about them, but you know if it sounds to good to be true........
    I saw this:

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  • hazenoff
    started a topic Free Lakota Bank

    Free Lakota Bank

    Hey all,

    Didn't know if anyone here had heard of Free Lakota Bank, but the Lakota nation declared it's self an sovereign nation.

    Here's a quote from their website...

    When you open an account at the Free Lakota Bank, there are 2 specific things we do not want: your name and your social security number. It is not our job to track the movement of our clients' money; we do not want to know who is depositing, where it comes from, or at what rate it enters or leaves our bank. We believe money is anonymous and not subject to tracking.

    If anyone is interested, check it out on

    Seems like a decent idea... and a good way to convert paper to a real asset, silver or gold.

    P.S. If anyone has dealt with them, let me know, I'm thinking of starting up an account...