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I must confesss! I was there I saw it all!

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  • I must confesss! I was there I saw it all!

    My fellow veterans please forgive me. But I must purge my soul. I only ask that you reserve judgment until you read all of it. I only want peace for all and a world free of torture. What I saw in the military was much worse than water boarding. The prisoners were taken to a 12 foot deep pool. Feet weighted they were forced into the pool. Those who hesitated, were moved onto a plank high above the pool and forced off. They were to stay in this deep water for over an hour feet weighted and in full clothing.
    Those who touched the side of the pool had their fingers stepped on by angry guards. Not enough to break their fingers as that would reveal this terrible secret but just enough to inflect severe pain without detectable injury.
    The guards knew their craft well. Like water boarding, the prisoners were not allowed to drown. No, that would expose the cover-up.
    It gets worse! I must tell all! They were then taken to a wooden building far from the main complex. A lantern like device burned in the middle of the building. It gave off a horrible gas. The prisoners were forced to run around the lantern without the benefit of the gas masks worn by the guards and sing in their native language their country’s patriotic songs. I saw them with my own eyes as they were finally released from the windowless building: eyes red, mucus flowing uncontrollably from their mouths and noses.
    Some looked near death. A spec of humanity prevailed as they were allowed to recover for several minutes before being taken to the bleachers.
    The prisoners were taken to the bleachers. I think there were about one hundred of them. They were not restrained, no that would blow this horrible trick. The bleachers were located in a bug infested marsh. Those prisoners who moved their hands in any effort to ward of the flying bugs were severely punished.
    Mockingly, the guards in the native language of the prisoners said that “their bugs had to eat too.” The guard threw a dud hand grenade into the helpless group. He laughed as they scattered in terror. The prisoners were regathered and prepared for more.
    I saw one prisoner taken out of out of line in just his shorts which were on backwards. Horrible sexual innuendos and insults were directed at him. I saw a tear roll down his cheek.
    The prisoners were United States Marine recruits the “torture” described above was part of our training. The guards were drill instructors. The above is why we shake our heads in disbelief when water-boarding, bugs, and loud music are described as torture by the main stream press.
    The above prepared us for combat so that fair-weather pacifists can stand on our street corners only in the best of weather. God forbid, they should be out in the cold or even worse the rain as that would resemble water-boarding.
    "And with a collection of minds and talent, they survived"

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    Bless you, Path, and thank you.


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      Wow! Path, you should put this were everyone can see it. Not everyone here was military and it would be good for us!
      Thank you for your service. My dad was military, he was in WWII and it was very hard on him, he rarely talked about it and when he did he choked up. He lost many good friends and buddies. I think he felt that he shouldn't have gotten by so easily. My heart went out to him frequently. He made a photo album out of the wreckage of his plane that went down in the S. Pacfic and when he took it out he would pass his hand lovingly over it. The pilot was his best friend from childhood and didn't make it through the crash. Daddy did. I'm grateful.
      Your opponet got stronger today, did you?
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        To all service men/woman

        I want to thank all of you... I wanted to join the military and med. reasons wasn't allowed... But thank you, Path ... all of you do our country a great service, My family has been serving this country since the civil war and I think a lot of people take there freedom for granted and they better get ready to fight for it once more.... once again....Thank you ,PATH


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          Thanks for the story, it shows just how stupid some in our government are.
          ...Although I have to say that the swimming pool incident reminded me of two tests I had to take for Girl Scouts (only 20 minutes in the deep end of a pool with all clothes on though), and the bugs reminded me of Little League games, and the running around screaming songs is very similar to hosting a class party in elementary school! I guess Mom's go through their own kind of boot camp. lol :p


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            Originally posted by pathfinder3081 View Post
            The prisoners were United States Marine recruits the “torture” described above was part of our training.
            As wife to an Army man, mother-in-law to another, and mother of a Marine (no, I'm not proud!!! :D), I suspected I knew the end of your story as I read it. That doesn't make it any less excellent!

            ALL of mine appreciate (and share, in some instances) the sacrifices and blood, sweat and tears that make up the fortitude of our military men and women.

            God bless you all!
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              Blessings to all those who serve and served!