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my wife's been messing with her hair for 9 hours.

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  • my wife's been messing with her hair for 9 hours.

    completely tying up one of our bathrooms. It would not have been tolarated at our apartment, I can tell you that much! If I'd had to do that for my hair, EVER, much less once a month, I'd have been bald at age 16. I'd have used some sort of chemical to kill the roots of the hairs. My god. What a waste. Ayn Rand was correct when she said, "if it had been left up to women, we'd still be living in caves, eating raw meat.

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    9 hours is a long time, when my wife colours her hair it takes about 30 minutes, apart from that its twice a week in the shower, wash and go, we both have long hair.


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      She's filipina and has african in her bloodline someplace, cause her hair is kinky and she hates it. So she straightens it and the chemicals used are horrific.


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        I hate chemicals, the shampoo I use has no chemicals in it.


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          When I was young, our neighbours used to 'take in' exchange students. I'd be 'voluntold' to wield our 'drain worm' to extract icky hair clogs from their shower pans and hand-bowls. And, yes, once from a very full bath's oils and candles-scented stagnant morass. But, hey, good fun and 'neighbourly'. And free drop-scones, of course, of course...

          Um, your shampoo contains no chemicals ? What are the listed ingredients ??

          ( Even DiHydrogen MonOxide is lethal if misused... )