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rabbits for meat and fur

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    Originally posted by Cedar View Post
    Don't overlook goat meat either. And *ugh* wild rabbit. Huge difference between wild and domestic rabbit. Night and day in taste. I don't eat wild or feral rabbits.

    the right sauces, mixed in a stew with the right other foods, almost any meat can be made to be delicious. Rabbit is a very lean meat, .Some like that idea. I"ve always thought my first squirrel was the best meat I"ve ever eaten. The Wooded Beardsman says muskrat is the best wild meat.


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      I'd rather eat wild meat than something commercial grown and sold in supermarkets.
      havent eaten supermarket meat for over 10 years.


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        Never had rabbit. My neighbor says its GOOD. They cause a decent amount of damage to my summer garden each year and sometimes I think of eating one or two. But can't think of killing those poor little things that come in my backyard. If I was hunting or in a survival situation, that would be different.


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          I grow vegetables behind a fence. Unfortunately, it only keeps the adult rabbits out as the small ones can wiggle through.
          Deer easily jump a 4' fence to eat my beans.

          In my wife's opinion, wild rabbits are better eating than domestic rabbits.
          It is the same as commercial turkey compared to free range turkey. The commercial turkey's meat lacks the muscle tone or chewiness of free range or wild turkey.