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The best breed of goat for me

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  • The best breed of goat for me

    I am wanting to get some goats the problem is I'm not sure what breed to get I don't have a lot of space about three quarters of an acre I want to goats for meat and milk I don't need a lot it's just me and my wife can you help me out and tell me the best breed of goat I should get thank you.:)

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    You might want to check with your local AG county agent. They have all sorts of information dealing with livestock in your county. What works in New York will not work in Florida because of the heat index.

    You also need to find out what your property is coded for. Is farming allowed on your property? What types and numbers of livestock are allowed?

    Again your county AG agent/department will have these answers.


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      I have had milk goats in the past (near past). Do your home work first. There is so much you have to know about goats. If you are concerned about enough land you can get the African Pygmy goats. Saanen and Nubian are very good for milk. I had one Saanen that gave a gal a day, loved that goat. Meat goats I really don't know much about. Consider the work and the knowledge you will need to keep a goat. You will need to know how to treat you sick goats and keep the herd healthy. Seems that vets don't know much about goats. You will need to learn to trim the hoofs, build a milk stand, mix the right feed balance. It's hard to keep the goats healthy. Goat milk is sooo very good and really good for you. I hope this helps a little. Just research before you start.


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        I've only had Toggenbergs, but had no problems with them. They are a clean & healthy breed with few vet requirements.
        Just don't milk as you would a cow, you CAN stretch goat tits & ruin them.
        I'm living your dreams!


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          For a newbie, I recommend the book, "A kids guide to raising and showing goats". It is more than a kids book. Very good for anyone who wants to start raising goats for any purpose.

          I have had French Alpine dairy goats since 1996, and I used them for milk, meat and packing. I get a gallon plus off my does at peak production, and dry them up two months before they freshen again. A coule of my does were prococious milkers, meaning when the grass greened up in the spring, they would start production of milk, even if they had not been bred in three years.

          Statistically there are around 115 make kids born for every 100 femaile kids, so I butchered a fair number of 4-5 month old male kids and got 25-42# of meat from each of them. Just milk and grass fed.

          You will get more meat from a Boer or Nubian than a French Alpine, Saanan, or the smaller breeds, but since I don't have any grain into them, I consider it almost free meat. I make steak, roasts, burger, bratwursts, etc from them.

          But what do you want to do with the milk? Just drink? Cheese? Gelato? I make cheese daily when I have milk animals, and the Alpine has around a 3.8-4.1% butterfat, compared to the Nubian's 4.8-5.2%. that s time of year, I really miss goat milk Carmel dip on sliced apples... Soon I will have dairy animals again..