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My new favorite kitchen tool!

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  • My new favorite kitchen tool!

    This past season I got my first pressure canner. It is my favorite tool! Now I have the ability to put up all kinds of low acid foods. I already boiling water bath fruits and high acid stuff but the canner opens the door for a wider variety of foods. It's an All American, model 915 and it works wonderfully. Usually when the growing season is over that's it for putting up fresh produce but now I can watch for deals on meat at the supermarket and put it up all winter.
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    This is one piece of equipment i am lacking .. guess i should break down and purchase one
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      Nice, my pressure cooker is just itty bitty, but it does the job.:)


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        Yea!!!! Me too I got the same canner this summer also and I love it. I got that canner because if SHTF we don't have to worry about replacing the gasket. Congrads


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          Get one of those "jar picker upper" thingies too. They come in real handy, ya get hot water on the hand towels while trying to pick out those jars and YOUCH!!!

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            I have a picker uper thingie, a must have


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              I have the All American 920, it will do 7 quarts or a whole bunch of pints if you have a rack to double stack on. Got mine on Ebay about half price. Lowe's has jars and canning supplies on sale half price till the end of Jan, search for "canning" and have them shipped to your local store and you don't pay shipping. You have to select your local store for it to show you the discounts.