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Check this guard dog or draft

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  • Check this guard dog or draft

    Here are some fun pictures for you all of the pulling power of American Bulldogs. These dogs make great Hog catching dogs,family dogs,guard dogs,protection attack dogs.flock protectors,can learn to heard, and they can be used as draft animals. They use to be owned by butchers in England used for pulling the wagons in the narrow streets. They can pull several thousands pounds up to 10K pounds.To me this is the perfect prepper dog. They are used in florida,texas,etc to catch and hold wild hogs till the hunter comes to kill it. I think I am going to keep a pup back from my next litter to train in weight pull.Click image for larger version

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    Why would anybody have a dog pull that kind of weight, personal satisfaction? I believe in the versatility and utilitarian nature of the American Bulldog, and also on its value as a family pet. I also believe that, under all circumstances, you would be better served by a draft animal (small jack ass would do) to perform this type of tasks than to burden your family pet in this unrealistic way...
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      You could have your dog pull you from harms way if you were injured to a point you couldn't on your own.;)
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        Originally posted by makerofgirls View Post
        Why would anybody have a dog pull that kind of weight, personal satisfaction?
        My thinking also .... WTF? And in the smaller it appears this dog is being encouraged to attack another creature .... again WTF?

        The only positive from these pics is the animals dedication .... to an undeserving species.

        This is pathetically .... pathetic.


        Things are seldom what they seem.


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          it is catching a hog. Wild hogs damage crops in several states and they are very dangerous and destroy the ecosystem displacing several natural wildlife. Most wild hogs are domestic pigs crossed with wild hogs or in the places where idiots released urasian board to hunt for sport and they bred.It isnt animal crulety to hunt them. They hold the hog by the ears until the hunter gets there. I do not weight pull myself but think of the potential. You have a guard dog that you feed. Why have a ass or a mule that can only pull? Dogs can pull small trailers to haul water or bring in what you hunted. A very versatile dog. I was just showing the potential pound for pound it is cheaper to feed a dog than a horse.


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            This is just plain cruel. I'd like to see the man pulling the load and the dog cheering for him.


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              Originally posted by Bobbie View Post
              it is catching a hog.
              That hog has a pair of boots standing on either side of it, it's already been caught, otherwise those boots would be in motion .... I'll wager that hog is in some form or fashion restrained or confined and the dog, at the urging of one or both of those pairs of boots is relentlessly attacking it.

              This isn't about culling the hogs this is another blood sport for human entertainment.

              You don't strike me as a bad person and I'm not suggesting that you are. I don't see the need for a draft dog and in reality there is no such thing .... more entertainment for those who are physically incapable of rising to any sort of challenge but do so vicariously through their mastery over lesser creatures.

              You have beautiful dogs, why subject them to this sort of nonsense. I think it a great thing if you can train your dogs .... and your kids .... to perform work to aid you in your efforts but this serves no purpose.

              Just my measly $0.02.

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              Things are seldom what they seem.


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                here is about wild hogs...Feral hogs, descendants of farm animals that escaped or purposely were set free, are wreaking havoc on farm crops and pastures and destroying wildlife habitat. Wildlife officials estimate the nation’s feral hog population at more than 4 million, and estimates are they cause more than $1.5 billion in damage each year.
                Chris Jaworowski, a wildlife biologist for the Alabama Department of Conservation and Natural Resources, said there are few things wild hogs won’t eat.

                “A hog is an opportunistic omnivore,” he said. “Pretty much anything they can get in their mouth, they are going to eat.”

                Feral hogs will eat wild turkey eggs and those of other ground-nesting birds, Cochran said. They also eat birds, frogs, deer fawns and other animals they are able to catch.

                In addition, feral swine can destroy endangered plants by rooting and wallowing. Erosion caused when the hogs root up the soil can lead to silt in nearby streams and harm rare fish and other animals, Cochran said.

                Jaworowski said feral hogs have spread throughout the state in recent years.

                “We now have feral hogs in pretty much every county in the state,” he said. “It’s not just a problem in Alabama. Since 1982, feral hogs have spread from nine states to 45.”
                here is the link to the story...
                FLORENCE, Ala. - It has all the makings of a horror movie - a 300-pound beast with oversized teeth running amok in forests and fields, eating everything it can.

                I dont intend to use my dogs as draft animals now I was saying in a pinch these dogs can do what they were bred for. They were bred for guarding,and pulling loads. Of course there are boots by the dog that is caught the way of boar hunts with dogs are the dogs catch and hold them the hunter comes up and kills it by hand(knife) or a shot to the head. Lucky me there are no wild pigs in Indiana but they are used for this purpose. Not as a cruel sport but a valuable service. and you will see. Now if you came to my house you would see a bunch of lazy dogs that look I do not work my dogs just show them but that is their potential. It is ok if you do not like that type of hunting and I myself do not like weightpulling loads like that for fun, I do like know that if SHTF my dogs can help me if need be. Like now my husband will not get me a horse as they are just pleasure animals for most people to just ride. We have 10 acres it doesnt justify having one so it has no purpouse. If worse comes to worse and there is no way to get water but my kids pulling a wagon of water or my dogs I will be going mush and holding a big steak for him from one of our cows we will butcher.I bust my butt every day to feed and care for my family im sure hannibal wont mind pulling a small wagon with 55 gals of water if it ever comes down to it. After all it will be for him as well.
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                  Ok . pulling dogs IS NOT cruel. for centuries man has used dogs to PULL sleds for him . what the hell is the difference between that dog pulling a sled filled with blocks and a dog pulling a fourwheeler. Training is training . Do men not lift weights larger then needed to build themselves for what ever task in the future. I do not pull dogs myself but will not call a man that does cruel or a bad person for something that man has done in all of known history. dogs may serve more than the common lap pet for people out here in the real world. Not trying to step on toes but who so you think took the pic ? A deer? go out catch you a hog put it in your garden when everything is ripe and ready and after a week come back and tell me how you feel about those poor hogs then.


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                    The picture could have been from an actual hunt, or from training the dog to catch. This is instinctual to the dog, but for the dog's safety you have to train them, otherwise the young and dumb ones would get cut up by the hog. I don't use dogs to hunt, but this is primal, and is part of the dog's nature too. So I don't have a negative reaction to this.
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                      [/QUOTE]what the hell is the difference between that dog pulling a sled filled with blocks and a dog pulling a fourwheeler[QUOTE]


                      For what purpose is the Iditarod, from their website..

                      iditarod (dot) com/why-we-do-it-behind-the-iditarod/

                      "We do it to because it’s important. Because we love the dogs, the race, Alaska, and this sport. We do it because there is history and this is “The Last Great Race On Earth®.”

                      Mainly just a sport. Personal satisfaction and bragging rights ? - WTF
                      Those dogs die both during training and the run. But they train none the less.

                      I didn't know there was a sled/weight sport involving dogs, but again it is a sport. I don't like soccer, but I'm not going to talk about those who do just because I prefer football.

                      www (dot) akc (dot) org/breeds/working_group (dot) cfm

                      "Dogs of the Working Group were bred to perform such jobs as guarding property, pulling sleds and performing water rescues. They have been invaluable assets to man throughout the ages. The Doberman Pinscher, Siberian Husky and Great Dane are included in this Group, to name just a few. Quick to learn, these intelligent, capable animals make solid companions. Their considerable dimensions and strength alone, however, make many working dogs unsuitable as pets for average families. And again, by virtue of their size alone, these dogs must be properly trained."

                      We use dogs to herd/guard/protect/pet. They are trained, it's in their nature, the purpose of their breed, it is not cruel, they do not sit on my lap and they sleep outside (with shelter) doing guard duty, even in bad weather.

                      Bobbie if you can train your dog to help you do chores, so be it. Multi task them. Working breeds live for it. As long as the animal is not mistreated, it's your dog. If others wanna just play fetch, that's fine to, it's their dog. If you don't want dogs, get a cat.

                      My two cents.


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                        I say if you want a guard get yourself a Boerboel and if you want a draft dog get a Kangal. Just my 2 cents.


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                          The way a dog will stop a hog is by grabbing it's ears and pinning it to the ground, until told to release by his/her handler Most times the handler will approach from the rear so the hog cannot see them. The handler will grab the back legs and roll it on its side, tie the legs, and put a bit in the mouth to keep it from striking any one in the leg.

                          For me the best way is to shot the hog immediately, In the back of the head. (NO .22lr) skull is too thick, field dress it, then remove it from the field for processing.

                          Unless you intend to continue the hunt.


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                            Some interesting pictures.