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the rest of the world is not as stupid as US citiizens are.

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  • the rest of the world is not as stupid as US citiizens are.

    they know we're just printing money with nothing to back it up. They're going to start asking MUCH more money for the things that they sell us, and of course, all of the middlemen will use that as an excuse to raise THEIR cut of things, too. All of these idiots buying crypto have no IDEA if govt is starting them, especially bit coin and just plans to rip them off. Wtf will they do about it if so? By the time nobody will take gold or silver, things will be down to cannibalism. Govt TRIED to outlaw gold, but people just dealt in it anyway, like they do guns and dope. Prisons cant even BEGIN to keep dope out of the highest security areas and sometimes guns get inside those fences, too. aif shtf, the guards are all just going to go home. Without men with guns to stop them, the inmates will be over those fences in an hour. They are not in cells. They are in concrete block barracks. 4 men can easily "rock" a double bunk until the floor bolts come out of the concrete, then use that bunk to knock a hole in the concrete block walls. That's all they are, concrete blocks. Toss mattresses onto the razor wire and blankets will serve as ropes to help climb the fences. There's wire cutters, oxyacetylene torches, forklifts at every prison. So they can cut their way thru anything. MAYBE the guards will take the guns and ammo out of the armory as they flee. and maybe not, too. Some of the prison vehicles will probably be left behind, with the keys in the control room. All of the prisons have an un-fenced "camp" of low-security inmates and some of them are allowed to drive vehicles into town for supplies, 2-3x per day. So those inmates know where the keys are, and some of them have good buddies/family members behind the walls. In fact, some of the prisoners have families who have moved to the nearby city/town to be near their inmate. So those people will be driving out to the prison to collect the guy who's been paying the bills for them, who knows where the dope, gold and guns are buried, etc,

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    as far as the thread title goes, I think its wrong, the rest of the world ARE as stupid as anywhere else.


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      Yeah, I am not sure why he thinks it is any better anywhere else.


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        I think the whole Western world has gone nuts.


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          Originally posted by grumpygremlin View Post
          I think the whole Western world has gone nuts.
          What it has gone, is Apostate. On the Theological side, it has abandoned the God the made them great. On the practical side, it has abandoned the values that promoted liberty and prosperity. (From my point of view, those are two sides of the same coin.)

          America has done the same.
          The future both continents is "not good."

          Not wanting to go afoul of the rules, here, I think those who are in places hostile to firearms, should learn all they can about caches.


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            I dont think it has anything to do with an invisible supernatural being and its got everything to do with society dumbing down.


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              it was already pretty damned dumb and it's been deliberately worsened for the past 60 years. The John Birchers were warning us about it in the late 50's. What used to be required of 8th graders is now master's degree stuff. I am not kidding. over half of the population cant use a road map, much less a compass, much less a topographical map. People overseas know to hold gold. 99% of the US population thinks bitcoin replaces gold!


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                60 years? since the 60s? yeah, sounds about right.


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                  We are rapidly approaching if not already into a time and place where so many things are 180 degrees backwards from what many of us knew back in the 60s 70s and 80s.

                  Where we are awash in things which do not keep a people and nation particular awash in what amounts to chaos manufacturing..

                  To many of us ....a lot of what we see and hear today does not even make good nonsense.

                  For those of you not tutored into it ...into this kind of thinking....because this will definitely never be taught in public schools or colleges...

                  The word used to describe such a rabid runaway 180 degree flip flop in so many belief and value systems is...."Demonism/Demonic."

                  Now you members don't have to buy into what I am saying most certainly.

                  But think about non functionality...non thinking ....backwards in so much..

                  One of my worst nightmares is to be stuck on that famous desert Island with some 400 people who only know how to text message.

                  Got the point now???

                  When I use the word Ishmaelite so often I am referring to bondage....Ishmaelite=bondage..

                  We are preppers...and have a disgust and great dislike of the concept of bondage...lack of liberty in our lives and even in our thinking. We do not want to be cattle. Ishmaelite= bondage=herding like cattle.

                  Some of us do not want to run with the Herd....particularly a high maintenance herd waiting for someone else to set up the buffet line for them so they can show up and eat ...then leave a mess for someone else to clean up.

                  Got it now???

                  My Non Ishmaelite .02,


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                    I blame the education system today. Us older generation sent men to the moon using slide rules. I lived using 76 cards, floppy disk, to internet as it is today.

                    ask your kids./ Grandkids questions about what they are teaching today! History, math, rngludh, even penmanship has all changed. Not for the good from what I have seen.

                    shoert story. I went back to college 2005 -- 2009 in a history class teacher tried to convince us that the US was inn the wrong during the Viet Nam war and every conflict since. Now I served in all of those conflicts, so I disputed her facts. It end up with her book vs me with personal experiences. Guess who won!!!!!


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                      Here is what I learned about the Vietnam War from some vets who returned to tell what they knew and or found out.

                      One of the guards here at this shipyard was what is called a Beachmaster. HIs job was to organize the vehicles which came off these heavy lift navy ships...the kind with the front doors which open and heavy vehicles drive off them and onto land.

                      What he told me is that these military ships are not to take on civilian vehicles without special paperwork to be on his clipboard.

                      What he noted and protested about to his higher authorities was the constant flow of civilian vehicles on these ships without paper work authorization. His superiors told him to shut up and get these vehicles on land.

                      He noted that many of these civilian vehicles were heavy equipment and often marked with the company logo.....ESSO.


                      Being a good NCO he goes to the NCO Club and puts out feelers and questions. He finds out that this is happening all up and down South Vietnam.....,exploring for Oil. And when oil is found the wells are capped off and the rigs moved looking for more oil....on an offshore.

                      A new oil refinery is built some time after 1970 in South Vietnam in the U Ming forest augment the refinery located in North Vietnam.


                      When they have found sufficient oil ....they cap it off and stop the war.

                      Now...the Communists are too stupid to run an economy profitably .....but....they are perfect cannon fodder for keeping an economy stagnant and the resources off the marketplace....the whole nation in storage....and also very important ...they keep competitors out and from coming in and getting the oil.

                      That is what has been explained to me about the Vietnam oil. The war was a cover for the oil and also to bring up to 20th century standard in certain oil infrastructure and support tax payer expense.

                      I suspect that this is also what is happening in Iraq and Afghanistan....the economy brought up to certain 21st century standards to support certain economic transactions and the country essence...put into economic/social storage...resources off the marketplace until needed.

                      Radical Islam has now replaced communism as a tool to keep a nation in economic and social storage...without most people catching on.

                      I think that certain people and groups in the West are supporting Radical Islam as a tool to maintain their economic and social needs....profits.

                      These groups are bigger and more powerful than governments and are capable of sending a nation off to war to support their profits and or schemes.

                      You don't have to buy into this most certainly but it is in essence what happened....

                      The wars go on long enough to support certain social and economic goals and then it can be wound down.

                      One of the key indexes to tell of this is that we must all to often operate with the gloves on ......costing us huge amounts of monies and lives with no real goals or victories achieved.

                      Historically when we take the gloves off...the American fighting man is one of the most efficient killers this world has ever known.
                      And history bears this out.

                      The wars are carefully managed for someone or some group/groups to make a economic and social profit without most of the pubic realizing what is going on.

                      These are become very very concealed....wars..where the real motives are hidden and concealed from most people....

                      The term for this kind of concealment...hiding the true motives "Occult."

                      This kind of Concealed warfare is Occult and also Demonic in it's motives and goals......because it is not the product matter what governments claim is the motive..

                      You are never supposed to be able to think this far on your own or have sufficient information to understand.

                      Variations of this description are going to happen again and again and the American People...even to other nations....I think the Deep State used/misused Russia in this Capacity early on in Afghanistan...and now us today...while they set up the needed infrastructure for their profit...without most outsiders even being aware of what is happening.

                      Be Warned the Ishmaelites....

                      My non Ishmaelite .02,
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                        Remember something here...

                        Pepsi Cola had a complete operating Pepsi Cola factory operating in North Vietnam before relations were normalized between Vietnam and the United States. Pepsi Cola has no problem operating across borders with Communist nations. Not so with Coca Cola...

                        Coca Cola when taken to a laboratory cannot be broken down is the case with Pepsi Cola.
                        Coca Cola does not need a patent......

                        Coca Cola and it's secret far more valuable than any military or government secret in the world....and the Coca Cola Company would not give up the secret to the Communists for a spot at the 1980 Russian Summer Olympics....and thus Pepsi Took their spot.

                        This is one of those covered up pieces of history....of which you are not supposed to know.

                        But how about those Kardashians and that ESPN...anything to prevent thinking..,

                        Not an Ishmaelite.


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                          Originally posted by grumpygremlin View Post
                          as far as the thread title goes, I think its wrong, the rest of the world ARE as stupid as anywhere else.
                          The world is in the same or worse shape than the US. This is what stops it all from collapsing.


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                            Anytime in this world when you get a leader who is on to this scam I am describing ...the world hates them...despises them with a passion...because they do not follow the script and want the best for their country...not the script written by those who want to remain hidden and concealed...

                            To get away with this kind of thing ...over and over and over....the public of most nations has to be dumbed down....become emotional puppets...on a string.

                            One of the best ways to do this is a television and or movie education in advanced emotions....versus real thinking based on facts..even history.
                            It can be very easy to Herd a very emotional non thinking people groomed/programmed by television and or movies.

                            Emotional people make the best voters...I mean puppets.... in this kind of set up.

                            Be Warned the Ishmaelites who would prevent you from thinking for yourself...and for your reasons...but try to keep you on over emotional non thinking.....that way you make the most easily controlled voters....and also serve on juries.

                            One of the ways you can tell this is when your leadership as well as politics becomes ..more and more tabloid like....drama drama drama.

                            America has no monopoly on stupid....the whole world is in on this scam. Follow the televisions and

                            Not an Ishmaelite
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                              Quite a few nations have very restrictive or $$$$ import duties and tariffs that add serious $$$ to buy foreign goods to protect their own manufacturers. So your words "want the best for their country" by protecting their companies and workers are spot on.
                              To enter other nations and avoid costly import tariffs, my last employer opened satellite manufacturing plants in China, Brazil, India, Japan, England, and a few others.

                              The easiest way to conquer is to dumb down the people by feeding them propaganda instead of news or isolating them from the rest of the world. Albania was once an electronic vacuum. The only news was the state's version. A German from the former East Germany sad they were told what they saw and heard from West Germany was capitalist propaganda. He said it took time, but we realized they were commercials. When I logged a contact from the USSR, they were not home stations, they transmitted from state controlled locations. In the late 1980s, a few home stations were on the air from communist China.

                              We are all sheep in a flock; OTOH, we are not sheeple.