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Vintage Farmers Bulletins from Dept of Ag

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  • Vintage Farmers Bulletins from Dept of Ag

    from university of north texas digital library heres 1702 old ag bulletins full of info. hope this helps. has wide array of skills in them.

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    Awesome link Elkhound! Thanks

    I found a link years back to a few college archive sites that had a lot of old building designs and drawings for simple farm buildings from back turn of century thru depression era into maybe early WW2 that would show you how to build anything from the barn, chicken house, root cellar etc to the farmhouse itself. I'll dig some here, maybe it has some of the same.
    I can explain it to you, but I can't understand it for you!


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      Great link. I will be visiting it to read up when I have more time. Thanks for the info. I like it..


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        Love the oldies but goodies publications!

        If anyone is drawn to the Sugar Beet Culture publication:

        ...and if you would like to try growing sugar beets to make your own sweetener, here is an excellent source of non-GMO sugar beet seeds:

        I have done business with them for years and can vouch for service and quality.

        ETA: The leaves are delicious when cooked, and the roots can be enjoyed cooked or raw, sliced into salads and whatnot.
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