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Cold room in my basement - My idea

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  • Cold room in my basement - My idea

    Hello Friends,

    I built a cold room in my basement.

    I made vegies bins too and shelves

    Pictures :---> My cold room
    How to build a Root Cellar in home basement. Step by step building instructions. Step 1 : Framing and Ventilating a Cold storage Room. Vent system idea. Food storage Idea.

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    A very good idea if you live well above the 30th parallel. But I live in Florida and we do not have basements. We have sand.


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      Wish we had a basement. Here where we live very few houses were built with a basement and the ones that do have them have big flooding problems.


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        Excellent idea. Make sure everything is stored off of the floor. Pallets work well if you can get them.
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          I have always had root cellars, not a cold room. I built one root cellar in Canada, refabbed an old one here in Oregon, and hope to build another one, although smaller here on my new property.

          I am dubious about my water table here, as I want a root cellar, not an inground swimming pool And the reason I am replying here was to the 'no basement' folks.

          Not all root cellars are in a hillside, nor in the ground per session. I wish I could post pics here to show you. On the plains and high water table areas, I have seen above ground root cellars, both in the states and Canada. My fav one I never did take a photo of, but I do have others.

          They look a bit like a large molehill. The structure is built on the normal ground surface and then dirt is basically packed around and over it. My favorite one had like a Hobbit door on it, and flowers grew all over it, and hollyhocks by the door.

          The first one I went in looked like a concrete utility vault thing? It was unused, but it was formerly a root cellar at some point. Another one was log, probably pine, as that is what grown in the area I lived, but other than the door, being it was built around the 1860s, was in very good shape. And if you Google "root cellar plains' or something like that, and go to images, you might see one from settlers on the Great Plains.

          Is that something you guys can do in your high water table and/or sandy areas for a cool room? The dirt will insulate even on hot days, especially if you have double doors. My root cellar in Canada had 18" of dirt (I wanted more), my last cellar was concrete walls, floor and ceiling with 18" to 36" of dirt?

          Maybe that is an option?



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            My grandparents house has one under the house. Dirt floor and walls. No basement to speak of but grandpa had dug out under the house for one as he was building the house when they first got married. It was not huge but served them well. But also they lived in much higher ground then where I am now. We have no basement either but would really love to have one. I keep telling myself one day I will be back in the country. Hubby is not budging from where we are now. When I married him 32 years ago, the house came with him. Guess I should have pushed for him to move to country at least 30 years ago but I more than likely would have lost. He is really stuck on keeping this house. But at 80 years old there is no changing him now. There is just not enough land living in a neighborhood. We have right at one acer of land with the house in middle of it. 2 sheds and a garden, a place for the wood pile for fireplace and that almost covers it.. Not allowed to do much for front yard because of neighborhood rules. Although I did get him to agree that if anything should happen that we have to leave he will go to my grandparents homestead with the family. So that's good.


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              I've had both a below ground and above ground mound style root cellar. The below ground root cellar was a lot easier to secure from bears or other animals but I found you get a couple bad years of rain and snow it takes tons of attention to keep the roof and walls secure. The above ground I've found if you need to do repairs its a lot easier but also have to pay more attention to deter animals digging in.