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Cold room in my basement - My idea

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  • Cold room in my basement - My idea

    Hello Friends,

    I built a cold room in my basement.

    I made vegies bins too and shelves

    Pictures :---> My cold room
    How to build a Root Cellar in home basement. Step by step building instructions. Step 1 : Framing and Ventilating a Cold storage Room. Vent system idea. Food storage Idea.

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    A very good idea if you live well above the 30th parallel. But I live in Florida and we do not have basements. We have sand.


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      Wish we had a basement. Here where we live very few houses were built with a basement and the ones that do have them have big flooding problems.


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        Excellent idea. Make sure everything is stored off of the floor. Pallets work well if you can get them.
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