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Heavy duty weed eater?

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  • Heavy duty weed eater?

    I've had it with flimsy 'suburban backyard' string weed eater. Please give me your picks for tough, durable, gas-powered and/or electric weed eaters. Preferably ones that don't use the string system. I have blackberry vines and other tough stuff. Lightweight is a plus - I am 6' tall. I probably need one electric for places I have power and one gas - which I don't like because they are heavier, but have lots of fence-line to do too.

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    I'd recommend Stihl or Husqvarna. One of their larger heavy duty brush cutters for the bushes and things you mention. Maybe a Stihl Kombi where you can change the end out to various tools like trimmer to pole saw to cultivator, etc... both also have battery units if you want that but I think if you are cutting a lot of that heavy stuff the battery might not have the life you want. I do know Dewalt is also making lawn tools now, I think on their 60V system but I don't know what they have or the cost.
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      I have one of these: I can use it all day with the shoulder straps on uneven terrain without a care in the world. It will work with string or a cutting head. With string, it will go through your average scrub oak less that 1/2" diameter and thistle with ease. It does bog down when the thistle is over 1 1/2" diameter. The fuel tank is just about the perfect size for corresponding to "water break" time. Two cons: 1. requires premium gas 2. the string guard is starting to fail....but I've used it for 6 hard years, so can't complain too much.