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    You might also look into short season varieties like "Blacktail Mountain", and a couple from the Crimea region. Look at Seed Savers Exchange and see what is in their rotation this year for Russian/Crimea landraced varieties.



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      Originally posted by Cedar View Post
      Shouldn't be at ground level. Although I know some places can get nasty winds. Where there is a will, and an obsession for gardening, there is a way. Set old sliding glass doors as a wall on the wind side of the garden. I have had good luck with those five gallon clear water jugs with the bottoms jigsawed off and pushed a couple inches into the soil. The winds tend to push around them.

      I think even the stouter wire tomato cages would work if pushed 5-6" deep.

      I make my cages out of cattle panels (things have a ton of uses) as I can stake them down tight and not have my plants broken off. My cages actually push in about 16 inches deep. regular tomato cages actually blow over up here when plants get mature (very irritating) as I hate losing my tomato's or pepper plants. I quit trying to grow corn here years ago. It got wind sheared every year. But, I'm figuring out melons. LOL!.


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        I've had 0 success with watermelon up here also, also doing Sugar Babies and tried Gray something or other. Gray died off after a few weeks, the sugar babies vines get big and look healthy, i even try to prune them as suggested to allow less plant and more energy to go into the fruit. But last year I had 3 start to grow, one got eaten out but 2 got to about size of small canon ball. They had a good taste but were about 60% seed with little meat, like they need to grow much longer. This year I planted 2 Sugar baby plants from the nursery over the hill and the vines got nice but I only ended up with one setting 2 fruit. Then, just as they were getting to a nice size and I was thinking about harvesting, something ate into them both and cleaned them out from the inside, clean as a whistle. Not sure but I'm thinking if it was a mouse or a vole.

        I'm like you Dale, I keep thinking that one of these seasons mother nature will shine on me and I might luck out. I'm going to look into the varieties Cedar mentioned. Also I'm thinking I might try planting a large pot on my deck and let it hang down over the rail and see if that helps keep the critters away.
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          I'm like you Dale, I keep thinking that one of these seasons mother nature will shine on me and I might luck out. .[/QUOTE]

          I'm not stopping trying until I can't garden any more. LOL! Bone headed stubborn I guess.