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Dose any one know where I can get a Solar Generator????

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  • Dose any one know where I can get a Solar Generator????

    Dose any one know where I can get a Solar Generator, at a good is hard to find any that go above 2000 watts.
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    Don't think of a solar system as an on-demand energy source. Use solar and wind to "time shift" the energy supply for use later in the day.

    The typical home powers down during the day and needs more power in the evening. Charge your batteries during the day.
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      A solar power system is not very mobile. You need solar cells, cable, voltage regulator, converter, and most of all batteries. A good setup at home will cost about 23,000 to power all the items in a normal home.


      You can buy power items that are usable by RV's that consume very little power.

      Use natural gas on items that can use that this energy source (Ovens, stove, hot water heater, home heater)

      Reduce your power foot print by simplifying your life style. (Do with out)


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        I have looked at some on amazon. there is one that you have a solar panel outside and it comes with a 50 foot cord. the box was sitting by the refridge to keep it going. If nothing else I was thinking about maybe getting one. price though is about $1,900. very expensive. I am still playing around with the thought of it. My husband needs AC and I was thinking about one to run one of those portable airconditioners that can be moved around. then maybe wait a year to get another one. Solar is so expensive.


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          This is about the best I can find, but if you make your own it will be cheaper.


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            There is a website called Rocky Mountain Homesteaders that sells them, not sure if this is what you are looking for but I have to agree with doctor. making your own may be cheaper. but it will give you an idea of what's out there.


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              Originally posted by DoctorDoctor
              After I get my 15 posts in, I'll post a link to some of my ideas.

              Applejack: I think it was Big Guy who said cheaper, but in the long run, I'd agree with that.
              Sorry about that, I read it wrong. It was Big Guy.


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                As I said elswere with the price of PV getting down to $2 a KW we could start to see a lot more of thease.Now if we can come up with sheap storage systems.