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Solar power

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  • Solar power

    I was wondering with all the advances in solar power, how many people actually use this technology? I have some of the new backpacking cell units with regulators and such for charging my Ipod, cell phone, rechargable batteries, etc. So just to get the forum going I thought I would just mention them. When they first came out they were way overpriced, but now they've come down to a more reasonable cost. Discuss away!


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    here in Michigan, the laws are actually working against solar, not intentionally but it's still hitting the business hard. Once they install or upgrade, their tax liability goes through the roof and most of them removed the solar panels. Until we get that idiocy straightened out, we're kind'a hamstrung. On a personal aspect, the cost/price ratio is still a bit high especially considering the solar input for Michigan; they don't call us "Trolls" for nothing. I have been looking at some of the portable units that roll up. I've tried to keep as much of my stuff "AA" and "AAA" friendly as possible, giving me options for recharging the batteries. Something along the lines of this
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      About the only thing I use solar for is charging AA and AAA batteries as it is practically cost prohibitive to do much use with it. I would love to put some solar power to use in my home, but it is just wayyyyy to expensive and the returns are not worth the cost... not even close to make it worth my effort.


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        I have a few small panels on the bottom edge of my roof to keep a group 24 deepcycle charged up. I use it to recharge the dog shock collars, cell phones, and other small stuff. I use a small reg. that has a photo eye in it so when the sun goes down it lights up a red led tail light I use for a nightlight just inside the front door. Also for our remote family hunting cabin put together a panel array made from two Harbor frieght sets. Built my own rack and can tilt it up or down depending on time of year. These panels keep a small battery bank charged. They are used for same thing dog collars, phones, camera, 12v shower also installed the 4 12v CFL lights and put them on pull string sockets. Also made a nightlight outa 2 led amber tail lights so we are not tripping over each other and have enough light to tend the woodstove at night. Plus the amber light dosent attract as many bugs.
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          Originally posted by JLBIII View Post
          I was wondering with all the advances in solar power, how many people actually use this technology? I have some of the new backpacking cell units with regulators and such for charging my Ipod, cell phone, rechargable batteries, etc.
          I bought two sets of the Goal Zero Nomad 7 + Power Pak Guide 10 +Luna LED Light. Plan to put them in the GHB's. Have yet to give them a test but plan to in the very near future.
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            my next door neighbor has solar panels that was there when he bought the house. It is used to heat his hot water tank. I think there is one or two more houses that have this on there houses also for hot water tank. I really need to check into this more. just having one for keeping everything charged is a great idea. I really want to just go solar on my house all the way and come off of VA power co. I think it will be to costly to do it though.


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              For a typical 2000 sq ft house it will cost between 36,000 and 42,000 to go completely solar with a very large bank of batteries. I know of several people who have done this. First you need to replace most appliances to the type that uses very little energy more of the type used on major RV's. Now I do not know what happens if you have cloudy weather for a few days in a row, or if the panels can take hail stones; come to think about it what about wind loads on the panel set ups on roofs?

              There is passive solar heating; using water heated via panels on your roof that provides heat for the house and hot water.


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                My bother in law bought a house with solar panels, he removed them he said it was too much head ache, but he does heat his house and water with wood…
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                  Yep, Chef could always bring a chuckle or to to the forum. But on a positive note, I do have some solar items for charging small things. Like cell phone, batteries and others. I have a couple of panels in my attic for later. Just haven't had the time to set them up. Thinking of hot water and some other things. Would like to add to that as I can. Though this post was from 2012, I don't think the price of solar has come down much.


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                    Harbor freight has their kit. if you ask me the type of solar cells are the best. Only for the reason they work the best on cloudy days or in inclement weather . now on super nice sunny days the monocrystline work great. just use a good charge controller.