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How about Man, Woman, Wild.

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  • How about Man, Woman, Wild.

    Watched this for the first time tonight and the wife was freakin' funny. I have to watch it with my wife because that is so how she would act. Thought it was a pretty good show and learned some good stuff, even if it was a bit dramatic.
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    Network, air dates?
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      I think it was on the Discovery channel, not sure of airtimes.
      He who lives with the most toys, wins.


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        I liked this show. The Man in this show designed the perfect survival knife which is manufactured by TOPS Knives and sells for over $200. It is funny that the one episode I saw he was not using his own perfect survival knife. Just goes to show you how much hype there is in the survival industry. Can't blame a guy for trying to make a buck though.


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          At over two hundred dollars mighta been too expensive a knife to use. Be scared to nick the blade. Not a bad show though. He goes a little too heavy on the Army lingo for me though hooch,chow etc. I was in the army 8 years and I think I heard more Army lingo on his show than when i was actually in the Army.


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            Mike Hawk is his name. He's former Special Forces.

            Not only does he have a knife sold by Tops, he has a book on survival as well.

            National Geographic uses him alot as a consultant for some of thier shows. "Out of Alaska" is just one of them. You get a brief look at him in one episode hopping out of a chopper.

            His wife: very hot! British news reporter.

            I watched the show on netflix. Its worth the time, and you will learn a few things.



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              I like this show, as he teaches her survival in different environments, his knowledge gets passed to the viewers as well. There is some drama, mostly because she's somewhat sqeamish, but one episode was real enough. They were in the desert somewhere and the medical team had to step in as she was on the verge of heat stroke. If it had been an actual survival situation, she'd probably be dead. Just goes to show that even out in the wild with a Spec Forces survival instructor doesn't mean your survival is guaranteed.
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                Oh yeah informative show the lingo just gets alittle old to me personally. Saw one episode he had the guy from Bizarre foods on the beach stranded and he watched him from afar. The guy from Bizarre foods was in hog heaven. Eating all kinda stuff he would find. Had a good knowledge of it from his show and from being a chef.


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                  No, it's a good show...He's down to earth and a wealth of knowledge...I think his name is Mykel Hawke...He is the real deal...I like his honestly...He tapped out in one of his episodes and called in the emergency crew...but, he has done some over the top stuff, like pretending that he fell in a huge hole and be holding on to a limb to keep from falling in....Then yell for his wife to come save him for minutes....I guess he thinks we buy that there is no cameraman standing 5 feet away that would not let him fall to his death or make him call his wife for minutes....Secondly, in a early episode he needed to take off his shirt and he had two gaint nipple rings in...It was pure nasty....But, overall it's a good show...


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                    I think the show is pretty good, Myke Hawke is a wealth of knowledge, though as others have said the army lingo gets old fast. The wife I could do without, I'd prefer less drama and more information. But hey I'll take what I can get, it seems that over the last couple of years TV shows about survival and prepping have come to the mainstream audience finally. I don't know whether this is a good thing as it seems a lot of these shows portray preppers as on the fringe of society. Not like the every day folks who visit this site regularly, hopefully that will change and we'll be shown for what we really are, normal every day people making it through life like everyone else.

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                      I think the show is pretty cool myself. I like the episode where he tried to fish with a spear and failed and she collected a ton of tree crabs so they ate very well on her For the rest you can learn a lot but I really wish more shows were in the US and not stranded on a island. Really how often are we going to be on Islands?lol


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                        I emailed his fansite once with an negative feedback about his episode on surviving wildfires, something I actually have expertise in. (And I mean I have expertise at a national trainer level.)
                        He responded back (which shocked me) and to me he came off confrontational and condescending. He told me that it is easy to gripe complaints without giving any specifics. I replied with specifics. We went back and forth, but in the end it was one of those deals where you can't fill your cup because it is already full of whatever you think you know. I gave up trying. His final post was that I should be happy he was shedding light on the subject, even if I didn't agree with the content.
                        Ummm that is good up to a point, but on a survival show bad advice can be worse than no advice.
                        He did seem to end the conversation less arrogant. I guess his dad was a fireman, so he did voice appreciation for the industry, and the people in it.
                        I was surprized honestly that he responded, I liked that a lot, even if we never agreed.
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                          The wild fire episode is one of my favorites. He told me it was the "real deal" and the camera really didn't do justice to the danger they were in. The show was taped in LA at Fort Polk, I believe.

                          I ran into him at the Blade Show in Atlanta this month.

                          I can't say that what they did was absolutely correct, but it seemed effective to me.

                          I like the way the show teaches you survival methods. Maybe doing the show with his wife made for a simplication of the skills involved so that I could understand them easier.

                          He is a little arrogant, I can appreciate how doing a show might nudge you in that direction. Honestly, overall, he was just a regular guy.

                          I suggested to him reduce the lovey dovey stuff a bit and he didn't like that much. But a few smiles and I don't think he wanted to kill me or anything over the comment.

                          At the time, I didn't know that his show on Discovery was not headed for another season. But Smoky Mountain Knife Works is bankrolling a new show which is going to be on the Outdoor Channel. It should be a good addition to that channel.


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                            I Really enjoy watching this program, I seems like every time I see it latley it is one I have seen already
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                              just another scripted crappo reality show....horrible, the whole enema thing...cmon man.