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How about Man, Woman, Wild.

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    The fire show was scripted in the sense that the Hawke and spouse weren't lost and trudging though the woods and got caught in a fire. Hawke told me that Fort Polk people contacted the show and asked if they were interested in doing a fire survival show as they were planning a controlled burn of the undergrowth on base. You can bet that there were water trucks and people in the immediate area during the show. But I would expect that; afterall, it is a show. But having those resources available does not minimize the actual danger, it only helps to mimimize the possiblity of death. But you still might be burnt severly.

    One of the really basic things I have learned from this and the other survival shows is the importance of shelter. As a kid, I always thought that in order to survive in the woods/outdoors, you just needed to be able to build a fire which is good for heat, psychologiclly comforting, keeping you busy doing something, perhaps cooking, and signally.


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      The one show I remember was him pissing on her face so she could drink it in, while in the desert.

      I thought that stuff was only done in Porn movies and in Hollywood. :)


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        I must admit I enjoy the shows (all of them), and I try to learn something (from all of them). But come on!!! With the exception of Les Stroud (Survivorman) THERE IS A CAMERA MAN WITH THEM!!!! And probably a crew. I have a real hard time believing somebody who is telling me how dangerous something is, do not atempt this at home, when there is a guy filming it ten feet away.

        I would still rather watch this than most of the other tripe that is on the air. From what I read the only show that will be back is Dual Survival. All of the others have not been renewed.
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          Great show. Unlike some survival shows, it was really really funny! I wish it was still airing, I'm not sure what happened.


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            I watched the show a few times, but there is something about Myke Hawke that puts me off. He has good knowledge (mostly), its just his personality. She is gutsy, if somewhat squeamish, and will get angry with him. I like that.
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              preppers ARE the fringe, man. Not one person in 1000 will EVER be properly prepped, and not 1 in 10 will ever make a serious attempt to be prepped. By definition, then, we are the "fringe".