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Naked and Afraid people dont know what to take.

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  • Naked and Afraid people dont know what to take.

    you want the paracord or cotton rope hammock, and you want your partner to bring a 20x20 tarp. They offer you a cookpot, machete, or ferrrood. Take the machete. The tarp gets cut up, becomes your sandals, clotning, shelter, bedding (folded, stuffed with debris, and tied) Wrap the cordage around a stick, forming most of the sandle's sole. Then weave smaller cordage thru the wraps and encase all of this in a wrap of tarp. Poke holes in the tarp with a splinter or thorn and stitch it on the side of the sole with the smaller cordage. I'd do that first thing, to keep from being ruined in the first hour of the show. Also make a spear and throwing-stick before moving to water. This move is likely to be your best chance at scoring a critter. Once you get to water, dig a pit, line it with a chunk of tarp, wash some gravel or sand, line the tarp with it, then you can stone-boil water that you get from a seep-well. use the carrying pouch, lined with tarp, as your water carrier. There's plenty of cordage in the hammock for the pair of you to weave a seine in a couple of days. With a baton and some stakes, you can move that siene very well and rig it as a baited net -trap over night. If you use splits of local vegetation to transform 3" mesh into 1.5" mesh, dont try to push the fish all the way up onto the shore. If you do, too many of them will force their way thru the weak parts of the net. Get the fish into shallow water and then use clubs, dipnet, spears to harvest the catch. The dipnet doesn't need to be netting. It can be a hunk of tarp with a few holes poked into it. You're only going to be out there 3 weeks, so you have to get going on food production, ASAP, if you want to triumph.