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Dave Canterbury - Pathfinder - Claims debunked

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  • Brother Bill
    I like the YT vids this guy puts out. It's unfortunate that he felt the need to misrepresent himself either for money or fame. I would have still enjoyed the vids even if he was a nobody who liked to get out in the woods and use some skills.

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  • pathfinder3081
    Thanks for the backup slowz1k.. I am not this cat. I was in the Marines..
    Sorry I have gone so long, time just slips away. Seems like there is alot to catch up

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  • TacSKS
    Whether he's legit or not, it just goes to show you can trust survival info on the internet (or TV). So much of it is just regurgitated by amatuers from the same old sources. Gotta research and test everything. Something I need to really do more often.

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  • slowz1k
    Not the same guy. Unless there is another Pathfinder on this board, Pathfinder3081 is a local guy here in NC. He's been pretty busy lately getting an online Mil surplus store off the ground and hasn't been around here much.

    I have to admit, I'm a little troubled by this information. I've spent a lot of time on canterbury's site and videos. The guy is a wealth of information and knows his stuff when it comes to bushcraft. Sounds like he might have gotten a little too big for his britches... Celebrity status will do that sometimes if you're not careful. As for false claims on his military record... If this is true, there is no excuse. He needs to come clean with a public apology to all of the men and women who serve and have served in our armed forces.

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  • Diesel
    No idea, hope not, this is the guy with the youtube videos and the discovery show dual survival

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  • rsanders
    Is this the same "Pathfinder" that is registered on this forum ?

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  • Diesel
    started a topic Dave Canterbury - Pathfinder - Claims debunked

    Dave Canterbury - Pathfinder - Claims debunked

    Found this interesting just passing it along


    I want to put this Dave Canterbury (aka "The Pathfinder") issue to bed. He was asked to leave, by ME. He had violated the advertising and self-promotion rule numerous times, but had several chances, which others have not received, as I am sure they will attest to. Canterbury decided to call it politics when I informed him that he needed to make the 100 post minimum like everyone else. Part of his response was "I am not some unknown knife maker brother." I am not a knife maker, but that is pretty insulting to me. He felt he was above the rules, because he is "The Pathfinder." He's not.

    I knew he had falsified his military experience, and as a combat veteran, and disabled at that, I take a dim view of folks lying about their service, and disparaging the people who have actually giving their time, blood and sometimes their lives, to the service of their country. It does not matter if you served in combat, peace time, are disabled or not. If you served, then you served, and I respect you…as long as you do not compromise your integrity in telling about your service.

    Here are the facts about David Michael Canterbury. He has had a couple of aliases, but we will use the name on his military records. I have acquired a copy of his military records, through the POW Network, via the Freedom of Information Act.

    Claims by Mr. Canterbury, from his own words on this site, as well his biography on Discovery and his personal site (some of these items disappeared the last week of June 2010). His claims are in bold, followed by the facts as presented in his official military records.

    1. Over 20 years of Combined Military and Civilian Survival: No survival training annotated in military records.
    2. US Military Veteran 1981-1988: Dates of Service: 12/03/1981 to 11/25/1987. That is just under 6 years, not 7.
    3. Airborne: FALSE
    4. Sniper: Not US Army Sniper. He DID attend a local 4th ID Sniper/Counter-Sniper Class (2 wks - 1986).
    5. Scout: FALSE. He only attended the Law Enforcement 95B Course. He was an MP ONLY, not a 19D Scout.
    6. SRT Member: He did attend the local 4th ID Course (2 wks – 1986), but there is no record of him being on SRT, per his Assignment Record.
    7. SRT Coordinator and Instructor: He could have been a coordinator, but until doctrine changed in 1993 (after he was out), you had to be an E-6 (SSG) in order to be an instructor. Canterbury never attained this rank.
    8. Joint Service Operations in Central America 1986-87 (Honduras/Nicaragua): NO RECORD
    9. Performed Security Escorts for Military Equipment in Korea for Specialized Equipment to Forward areas near the DMZ between North and South Korea 1983-85: According to his military record, while stationed in South Korea, he was an “ID Badge Clerk.”
    10. Squad Leader 4th ID 1982-1983: Not unless they make Privates squad leaders.
    11. Ranger: FALSE
    12. Instructor in Close Quarters Combat in US, Central America and Korea: See #7 & #8.

    Military Decorations and Awards:
    1. Army Service Ribbon (For completing AIT) (x1)
    2. Army Good Conduct Ribbon (x1)
    3. Overseas Service Ribbon (x1)
    4. Army Achievement Medal (x2)
    5. Expert Badge with bars: auto rifle, pistol & hand grenade
    6. Driver’s Badge

    I disparage no one from being a success. I love success stories! I do however, abhor someone with no integrity, and refuse to hold them in high esteem, regardless of their accomplishments, especially when those accomplishments were achieved through lies and deceit, and at the expense of good people.

    This is not a board for Dave Canterbury. This is a board for bushcraft, and although we may experience mission creep, it is still about the outdoors, and the honor and integrity of ALL of US.
    Last edited by Diesel; 06-18-2011, 04:39 PM.