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Dave Canterbury - Pathfinder - Claims debunked

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    I have never been able to serve our country in the military; a fact that I regret on many levels as I come from a family with strong military history. My Grandfather served as a gunner on the USS Swanee in WWII, saw tons of action, shrapnel in boths legs to prove it. My Father saw 6 tours in Viet Nam, four as a Green Beret. My great Uncle retired as an Admiral from the Navy having served as CO of the Iowa. Two of his sons are in the FBI after having served as officers in the Navy, two additional cousins fly for the Airforce, Three uncles served in the Army and Marines adn my brother in law graduated from Westpoint in 2000. None of these individuals "Brag" about their service, none have exagerated their works, none have made an attempt to profit from their careers with the exception of their paychecks which they deserve every penny. Ionly hope that Dave can survive in his own mind, because lies are like cancer, they grow and grow and grow to a point where it can't be stopped


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      Originally posted by Diesel View Post
      Found this interesting just passing it along

      I want to put this Dave Canterbury (aka "The Pathfinder") issue to bed. He was asked to leave, by ME. He had violated the advertising and self-promotion rule numerous times, but had several chances, which others have not received, as I am sure they will attest to. Canterbury decided to call it politics when I informed him that he needed to make the 100 post minimum like everyone else. Part of his response was "I am not some unknown knife maker brother." I am not a knife maker, but that is pretty insulting to me. He felt he was above the rules, because he is "The Pathfinder." He's not.

      I knew he had falsified his military experience, and as a combat veteran, and disabled at that, I take a dim view of folks lying about their service, and disparaging the people who have actually giving their time, blood and sometimes their lives, to the service of their country. It does not matter if you served in combat, peace time, are disabled or not. If you served, then you served, and I respect you…as long as you do not compromise your integrity in telling about your service.

      Here are the facts about David Michael Canterbury. He has had a couple of aliases, but we will use the name on his military records. I have acquired a copy of his military records, through the POW Network, via the Freedom of Information Act.

      Claims by Mr. Canterbury, from his own words on this site, as well his biography on Discovery and his personal site (some of these items disappeared the last week of June 2010). His claims are in bold, followed by the facts as presented in his official military records.

      1. Over 20 years of Combined Military and Civilian Survival: No survival training annotated in military records.
      2. US Military Veteran 1981-1988: Dates of Service: 12/03/1981 to 11/25/1987. That is just under 6 years, not 7.
      3. Airborne: FALSE
      4. Sniper: Not US Army Sniper. He DID attend a local 4th ID Sniper/Counter-Sniper Class (2 wks - 1986).
      5. Scout: FALSE. He only attended the Law Enforcement 95B Course. He was an MP ONLY, not a 19D Scout.
      6. SRT Member: He did attend the local 4th ID Course (2 wks – 1986), but there is no record of him being on SRT, per his Assignment Record.
      7. SRT Coordinator and Instructor: He could have been a coordinator, but until doctrine changed in 1993 (after he was out), you had to be an E-6 (SSG) in order to be an instructor. Canterbury never attained this rank.
      8. Joint Service Operations in Central America 1986-87 (Honduras/Nicaragua): NO RECORD
      9. Performed Security Escorts for Military Equipment in Korea for Specialized Equipment to Forward areas near the DMZ between North and South Korea 1983-85: According to his military record, while stationed in South Korea, he was an “ID Badge Clerk.”
      10. Squad Leader 4th ID 1982-1983: Not unless they make Privates squad leaders.
      11. Ranger: FALSE
      12. Instructor in Close Quarters Combat in US, Central America and Korea: See #7 & #8.

      Military Decorations and Awards:
      1. Army Service Ribbon (For completing AIT) (x1)
      2. Army Good Conduct Ribbon (x1)
      3. Overseas Service Ribbon (x1)
      4. Army Achievement Medal (x2)
      5. Expert Badge with bars: auto rifle, pistol & hand grenade
      6. Driver’s Badge

      I disparage no one from being a success. I love success stories! I do however, abhor someone with no integrity, and refuse to hold them in high esteem, regardless of their accomplishments, especially when those accomplishments were achieved through lies and deceit, and at the expense of good people.

      This is not a board for Dave Canterbury. This is a board for bushcraft, and although we may experience mission creep, it is still about the outdoors, and the honor and integrity of ALL of US.
      Whoa whoa whoa here for a moment I agree he should apply by the rules to this site, but come on I read Daves bio on his site before their was a Dual Survival show he never had all that stuff put on his bio. Come on lets keep the stories true.


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        Originally posted by prkchp76 View Post
        well diesel though it is shamefull i truely belive he should be brought out publicly for his idoacrecies i will be deleting duel survival from my watch list
        Mistake. jmo


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          I would like to add my 2 cents. First let me say those in the service know there are problems simply by “how” Dave has been introduced at the beginning of every show. It started out as “Army Scout Sniper and Survivalist” or words to that effect. With each show the introduction changes and diminishes to what was on the last show, “former Army and outdoorsman” or something. It’s very noticeable to us at least. Obviously he was called on some of his claims and rather than hassles and since he is established, he really doesn’t need the claims or the fights. Ok, we get it.

          I served in Both the Marine Corps and Army. I did a voluntary 5 day survival course while in the Corps as a truck driver (3531) along with a few “Remington Raiders”, cooks, grunts and Office Poggy’s . We got a 96 hour pass out of the deal. We had C-ration for 2 days. We used what every Marine would be issued (shelter halves, knife, canteen, etc) Made a CP, tried to trap (operative word “tried). I can say I had survival training and it would be a very truthful statement. I also had cold weather training in Maine, living under and in our trucks while we learned to drive on frozen lakes and in deep snow. I can say I had “Cold Weather Training”

          I was also a Fire Team Leader and as prior service in the Army (74C20), I was also a Squad Leader and have led various Details and also my platoon in marches…all in Marine Corps ITR and Army Training Regiment. All very true statements, by leaving off duration and location. I call myself an experienced “outdoorsman” because for the last 30 years and long before the word “survivalist” came into being, we were living off the land for days when we camped out with only the bare minimum. To the non-military, which represent 78% of Americans nowadays, the statements would leave an impression of experience.

          So I am Marine Corps and Army trained in survival and I am an experienced survivalist. It’s a true statement but unfortunately not a very accurate one. Not the same as being a “poser” or stolen valor.

          I know Dave to email him and get an answer and known him before Dual Survival. He is partners on the Pathfinders Forum, a survival forum similar to this one and competes with BushcraftUSA. His problems with BushcraftUSA is a two sided story and after watching the whole thing from the beginning and reading the posts while this was going on, the statement about him was made with an agenda on BushcraftUSA side. I am not a Dave Canterbury apologist but to read the statement by BushcraftUSA, here on this forum is BS, it’s an attempt to bring a character assassination to this forum. It purports to portray him as a “all self-serving,” mercenary and that’s just not true.

          Dave was very popular and always very helpful and dominated many subjects. It pissed some people off. There is/was a jealousy and in my opinion (since many people advertise their wares to this day) it was used as an excuse because of the jealousy and his growing popularity. So before we go dumping on Dave, be aware there are two sides of a story and bringing that post from BushcraftUSA is doing Dave wrong. You’re only perpetuating one sided jealous BS. On his Pathfinders Forum, the bulls**t that happened on the BushcraftUSA forum is forbidden and he could, if he wanted to, bash some people and the other forum with equal enthusiasm. He had the platform before and never did it. He certainly has the means and the platform to do it now but doesn’t do it.

          Dave is the real deal. His Pathfinder school is real, his videos are real, his experience is real, his testing of method and techniques are real. Some of the things said about him, many would not say to his face. He corrected his exaggeration, you all can see how statements can be true but not accurate. But to call him a “poser” and compare him to “Stolen Valor” is going a bit far off the deep end. I’m sure I can find people here who haven’t had one day of practical application and come off as experts, so lets credit where credit is due and stop the BS “character assassination”

          I said my 2 cents and if you want to kick me off this forum you can but I can’t let you badmouth someone like that who has only done good for the “craft” for the last 10 years that I know of. I’ll say this to any one’s face if they want me to, just name the place.
          The Marine Corps doesn't build Character, they Reveal It. F.& A.M.


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            I'll keep my guns, freedom, and money... YOU CAN KEEP THE "CHANGE"!


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              This was a thread started in August of 2010. I think Diesel, (and correct me if wrong) was just posting something, as we all do, that he came across in a pretty reputable place.
              Wether you believe it or not, there is no need to throw fists about it, ya know?
              We are from Ohio, and we heard about Dave Canterbury long before his tv show. We used to watch ( I was forced) all his youtube videos. Yes, he does have knowledge, yes he has schools etc..

              I was friends with him on facebook well before he had 1000 friends. Now when I say "friends" I mean we did speak, and often about certain aspects. No we wernt personal or anything..
              I personally noticed a huge difference in his attitude when he became such a huge "star".. I no longer could stand his page because it was more about all his "friends" acting like they, how do I put this, just wanted to kiss Daves butt.. (that was a really nice way to say it).. I cant stand that crap. So yes, he does a great job, I dont know what to believe about this article. Id love to know if it is indeed true or not because in this household, we are a military family and we dont like lying BS about who you were attached to, or if your lying about your skills and training. So, either way, no need to get all bent out of shape about this. Diesel did not write, just forwarded. Blows not necessary. Leave that to Dave's facebook fans..
              If the zombies chase us, Im tripping you!!!


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                I dont know man, if the dude told fibs about being airborne and ranger... big fat shame on him... I dont have his creds in front of me, so I can't say... If it is true, then I have no use for the guy.. skills or not..

                Till I find out for sure, I will still watch the show. I simply like the hippie a little more..


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                  Amen! Bushcraft is full of the jealous types and they try to run that forum like a dictatorship.


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                    First off I did not write the original information it was a repost

                    Second of all I believe we have a TROLL on our hands, or Dave or a friend of. Pretty bad way to start off on our forum here "subject"

                    Lastly I have nothing against Dave or his skill set, he has absorbed alot of info over the years and does a fine job teaching it. But Lying about your mil background is an unspeakable act, and it's a fact that he's done this.

                    The best thing you can do to support the site is pass it on to your friends and fav sites like other forums, facebook, twitter etc. Let people know about us! :)


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                      I respect you are a admin, but how am I a troll? I dissagree with what was posted and I have seen no evidence he lied about anything. I am not Dave or a friend.


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                        If I might add to this.
                        I followed Dave before his TV show. In fact my first kit was based off his common man vids. He has lots of info to share.
                        However he did misrepresent himself as far as his military career. If you go back to what he was saying he did, and yes he was the one to say it. Then all you have to do is look up his military record. All that information is public record and easily found.
                        It's to bad he felt the need to do that. He does have a lot to offer. I just can't support someone that does that.


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                          We've all watched the "diminished" titles of Dave every week (i.e. Army sniper vs. attended sniper course) and it doesn't bother me as much as if he claimed to be a Ranger or Special Forces. That's a different issue. I'm not a Dave apologist. I'm sure he didn't do the credits and on screen introductions for the show and a non-military type reading a bio wouldn't know how to interpret what title to put on screen and just the fact it was different on every show says to me someone was trying to correct it. Was it being corrected because he was taken to task or was it someone trying to be more accurate I'm sure no one here knows.

                          I'm willing to give him the benefit of the doubt. Obviously some are not. My point is the BushcraftUSA message should not have been posted at all. No one has any idea if the statements from BushcraftUSA are even true or that Dave made those claims or that the author had an agenda and may have exaggerated the content. It's obvious the author doesn't like Dave and based on that alone, should not have been quoted.
                          The Marine Corps doesn't build Character, they Reveal It. F.& A.M.


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                            Look it's Really simple.. the guy DOES know his stuff, and he's passionate about bushcraft, and has been into it and online with it before it was "cool"

                            He has always embellished his military career online, it's been proven, he's gone back, edited his websites, edited posts and profiles, asked for posts to be deleted, had his account deleted off of other forums etc etc. We all make mistakes.. what ever. I also am Positive that Discovery producers have pushed the issue and used embellished military background to promote him and the show and to give him tv credibility, i'm sure much of it at this point is beyond his control.. but it did have to start with him.

                            Like I said I did NOT do the fact finding nor did I write the original post int his thread it was a REPOST from an admin in another survival forum.

                            I do believe the guy knows his stuff, I believe he's done alot of research and trial over the years and at this point is capable and a worthy survivalist and bushcraft expert. He's come a long way since he became publicly visible.. but haven't we all? All in all If I were him i'd make a public statement and retraction about the mil claims, and let that be that.
                            WHAT IF THE AMERICA YOU KNEW, WAS ABOUT TO CHANGE?

                            The best thing you can do to support the site is pass it on to your friends and fav sites like other forums, facebook, twitter etc. Let people know about us! :)


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                              Originally posted by Diesel View Post
                              I do believe the guy knows his stuff, I believe he's done alot of research and trial over the years and at this point is capable and a worthy survivalist and bushcraft expert. He's come a long way since he became publicly visible.. but haven't we all? All in all If I were him i'd make a public statement and retraction about the mil claims, and let that be that.
                              I would have to agree with you..
                              "We must all hang together, or assuredly we shall all hang separately."
                              -Ben Franklin


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                                who cares? He is a guy on a TV show hes a cartoon charictor designed show the differance between into the primitive type and crush nature type survivalism...I dont care if he was a cub scout leader.