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Dual Survival

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  • Dual Survival

    I feel like I just discovered all of these shows. Has anyone seen Dual Survival on Discovery channel yet. The concept is a military trained survivalist and a naturalist survivalist are put in situations and have to work together to save themselves. The crazyist part in my opinion is that the naturalist has not worn shoes in 20 years(so he came be closer to nature) and one of the episodes I saw was a snowy area. He did wear socks some of the time for that one. The military guy also hunts, kills and preps some kind of animal in all the shows I've seen.
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    Love that show!!!!

    Dave the Mil guy, saves Cody's butt almost every episode. That guy can hunt trap or kill just about anything. The last episode that I saw, they were in the desert. Cody is the hippie guy who doesn't wear shoes. After about the 2,756th cactus thorn in the foot, Cody had a change of heart and made a pair of sandals out of old tire rubber. He claims that 75% of the earths population doesn't wear shoes.... I guess he feels that so many people can't be wrong. I'm not sure he ever stopped to think that maybe they would wear them if they could get them. It was too funny.

    One of... If not THE best minimalist survival shows.
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      Yeah not wearing shoes seems like a real handicap to me, but you gotta admit Cody really knows his stuff. It seems like while dave is off hunting/trapping; cody builds a shelter, starts a fire, collects water, etc. Yeah Dave usually comes back with meat, but cody has done everything else by then. IMHO time is better spent on the other survival necessities rather than hunting. Your more immediate concern is shelter, fire, & water. Nobody starves in 3days.

      Either way it's a good show. Definitely my favorite wilderness survival shows.


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        Yeah, I have to admit, Cody is one fire starting SOB.
        He who lives with the most toys, wins.


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          Yeah Dave Canterbury is a freind of mine. He has tons of great informative videos on youtube. Look for on there and the web.


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            Yeah I was watching his video on building a slingbow. Pretty cool idea.


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              Originally posted by TacSKS View Post
              Yeah I was watching his video on building a slingbow. Pretty cool idea.
              Funny! I was doing the same thing yesterday, prompted by the slingbow post in the "knife and blades" section.
              I ended up spending an hour watching his YouTube videos. Awesome bushcraft information.

              Have you been to any of his schools? I'd love to hear how it went.
              The 12ga.... It's not just for rabbits anymore.


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                When is it on?


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                  In my opinion, survivor man is still the best. Les does it all and when he screws up he puts it on the show as a teaching example. But in someway all the survival shows are good at getting information out. Man Woman Wild is even good.


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                    Thanks for the info I will have to check them out .
                    Robert W
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                      I think Dual Survival is about the best program of it's type. I am pretty critical of the programs like Bear Grylls jumping into a ravine because it would be "faster" than climbing down. Idiot. I have never seen Dave and Cody do anything that I wouldn't do myself. They keep it reasonable. Good program. And I like the chemistry between Dave (Ex Gi, pathfinder school) and Cody (hippie, desert survivalist) Their different survival experience as well as their different world views makes this a good mix.
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                        I watch all of these shows, and try to learn from each. If I had to rank them I would probably put Les Stroud, Survivorman, first. He does everything himself with a minimal amount of tools, and films everything by himself.

                        Dual Survival is great. I love the way they work together, and bicker like an old married couple, but at the end of the day they make it through. Also a great example of how their is more than one way to skin a cat. When one thing doesn't work, keep trying.

                        Bear Grylls I take with a grain of salt. He gives some good info but he has somebody filming the whole thing. If it was so hard to get up there, how did the guy with the camera get there before you! He is also a world class athlete. I would put any special forces, military trained individual in that category. They are in exceptional physical shape. They could probably stand on their ear if they had to.

                        I would like to see Survivorman II - Double XL Portly. Let's see a survival show that teaches us old fat people how to survive. I am a long way past faster than a speeding locomotive, or leaping tall buildings in a single bound. Anybody else out there have any ideas?
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                          so where does the guarantee come from that it will be over with in 3 days, hmm? :-) TV shows life or die by their Nielson ratings, and the directors and producers DO know what increases viewer numbers. So they produce what the public responds to. Mostly, that's bs, cause viewers don't know much, and a high % of them are kids. But they still buy stuff that advertisers sell, so they "count" as viewers. Kids want to see the hunting part, not the squaw work.

                          Old or fat people mostly DON'T survive extreme outdoor screwups, pard. People who have both handicaps are well advised to have proper gear and avoid "emergencies" like the plagues that they are.