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NGO TV Show The Doomsday Preppers (13 Mach 2012)

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  • NGO TV Show The Doomsday Preppers (13 Mach 2012)

    I would like to be the first to denounce this show as a fraud.

    To give the US viewing public the idea: That a 60's Hippy, lost out of time, would purchase a missile silo and convert it into a time capsule for the Hippy movement. So that the Hippy movement can survive into the next cycle of civilization makes me sick to my stomach.

    I have reviewed each show a number of times and it seems to carter to the far edge of what true peppering is all about.

    The ability to survive a future disaster; using what items and skills we have decided upon is the best available, to ensure the survival of our families and friends.

    We do not take vacations, nor buy advance electronics, or vehicles every two year. We save that money to purchase the items we so desperately need.

    We take our families to places where we can learn new skills and then use those skills at home. (Blacksmith is one of mine).

    We are looked upon as being on the fringe of both our extended families and neighbors.

    But we put our bodies and minds to work improving our ability to survive: When disaster hits those people who laughed at us will be looking to us to support them!

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    Purchase of a missile silo, Hippy, advanced electronics ?

    Hmmmm! I must have missed that show.
    And I was impressed by the show with two school bus.

    MISSILE SILO?????? You can buy a Silo? I guess that's without missiles.



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      Yeah Bill, no missle. bummer huh? lol

      the show is something to entertain myself and I've learned a couple of things from it. it is entertainment, no doubt it is for ratings. but i i know what you're saying and where you're coming from Rich and I argee.


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        I like to watch it, It makes me feel sane for a change.


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          Hippies are humans too. I grew up in the 60s. While their views may differ from yours, they are prepping for their needs. While their opinion, your opinion and my opinion may be different. It is the freedom and civil liberties that America is all about. If you take a good look around you, most people above the age of 60 grew up during the hippie movement. Unfortunately, the government and media types like to portray hippies as outlandish drugged up freaks. Many are the pioneers of holistic health care and everything natural, including the green movement in which they were decades ahead of everyone else. As most hippies would say: We have been fighting this fight for 50 years, where the hell have you all been!


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            We are looked upon as being on the fringe of both our extended families and neighbors. POSTED by RICHFL

            U can say that again. Most of our family think we r crazy spending what little money buying extra food and items to survive. We have pick-up a lot of good info on this forum and try to pass some of on. Like the home made laundry soap. No one wants 2 try it?? Dehydrating food, "that is 2much work and for no reason when u can buy it at the store". We like making things from scratch like ketchup, mustard, BBQ sauce, breads, rolls, even salad dressing. Make our own pectin 4 jelly, potato yeast 4 breads. And reload our ammo.

            I rated on long enough Zeke out
            Be prepared; Some thing is going to happen


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              yes we can buy all of that but what happens if we can no longer replace our supplies. It is always best to know how to make such things so you can be prepared. Only a dead rabbit has one bolt hole and only a idiot relies on one way of getting food.