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What is the best ways to make a container for a cache?

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    depends upon what you want to cache. 5 gallon buckets, 55 gallon drums, of food grade plastic, if they contain food, will have to be wrapped in 2 layers of ratwire, wrapped in 2 of the heavy duty drum liners, or the wire will rust in a year or so. 3-4" of gravel has to be below and around such caches, to drain away water, or the freeze-thaw cycle will crack them. Metal drums rust thru pretty quickly,normally. If you gave them a couple of coats of rustoleum, wrapped them in 2 of the drum liners, with kitty litter in the plastic bags to absorb the moisture, metal drums/buckets might last a few years. I'd not put food in them, tho. Metal is of course subject to being found with a metal detector. BIG PVC containers are expensive as hell, but you can afford the "elbows' to bury taken down pistols in, Search some milsurp type stores for various military cast off containers, once used to house anti-tank missiles, mortar rds, etc.


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      It is amazing the wide variety of plastic water containers with various sizes of lids that you can find in a large farm supply stores at decent prices. Following the "not bury everything in the same place" rule, you could develop a number of buried caches that could contain a years food a piece. In colder climates where the ground freezes, put a small wood shed or pole bar over it and it will be easy to dig out during winter months. Long term storage life items like dehydrated food can't be confiscated if the bad guys can't find it.


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        Click image for larger version  Name:	IMG_20210529_131650848.jpg Views:	2 Size:	1.86 MB ID:	221128 Becareful of some polymers for long term storage. Although an extreme example I found an approximately 35yo Nalgene bottle capacity 16oz that was tucked away in the corner of a kitchen cabinet. It was empty but had degraded and stiffened into brittleness something dreadful. It had yellowed on the body and when I started to unscrew the lid the retainer piece attached to the lid snapped off. And the bottle if self got several perpendicular cracks down the sides. Wonder if they'll honor the lifetime warranty?
        All I ever used it for and another vottle , that's still MIA around, here was my concoction of 50/50 instant coffee and hot chocolate mix I had for winter backpacking trips.

        UPDATE: I did contact Nalgene via their customer service email and got a pretty swift reply. Gist of it is while they're not too interested in a crackly old bottle they are shipping me a new one.
        Very swift and excellent customer service. My old model has been discontinued but I'll be getting one in a different color black with a wid mouth like this one.

        Click image for larger version  Name:	IMG_20210529_131705891.jpg Views:	2 Size:	1.51 MB ID:	221129
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