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Gas thrown on the Tyranny thread!!

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  • Gas thrown on the Tyranny thread!!

    Martial Law In California

    Jim Kirwan 1-12-9
    BART serves nine Bay-Area counties in Northern California that together comprise the fourth largest population center in this country. People in these nine counties are now under Martial Law; at least when they board a BART train. The Bay Area Rapid Transit District is not a transportation agency it is a commuter service, owned and operated by the federal government. Consequently BART's rules for keeping order do not come from city or county officials, but from the State and from the Federal government. Bart Police have modeled themselves on the worst components of the thugs that work for HOMELAND Security. Peace officers are not "Troops." Bart police have copied the Nazi SS in manner, in demeanor and now in their public behavior toward the American people.

    The federal connection here is important: "It should be noted that on March 17, 2003 Bush hired "the former head of the KGB (the secret police of the former Soviet Union), General Yevgeni Primakov," as a consultant to the US Department of Homeland Security.

    Primakov joined another Russian, Oleg Kalugin, KGB (Ret) with the Department of State Security, also as a part of Homeland Security. On January 1, 2005 Kalugin was replaced with the infamous and sinister Silver Fox himself (his former CIA code name), Gen. Markus Wolf. "Wolf was the head of the international intelligence gathering arm (HVA) of East Germany's Ministry for State Security, or Stasi." This went a long way toward perfecting the spying and wiretapping of the entire USA, and insured that Americans would become the next victims of State Terrorism ala the USSR and Communist East Germany." (1)

    It's been twelve days now since one of Bart's thugs murdered someone that had not even been arrested. The entire event was captured on video, without an audio capability. There were a number of other people detained but not charged, held on the same platform for six full hours in handcuffs, who were just feet away from the callous execution. The actions of the uniformed thug were clearly shown on this tape: <> .
    Before the creation of the Department of Homeland Security, there were clear procedures in place for peace officers to follow in the execution of their duties. No officer was allowed to become judge, jury and executioner; much less without first arresting the individual that might be suspected of a crime. Also, when a murder was committed, and witnessed, an arrest warrant was issued: there was simply no-way that a suspected murderer would or could be given an option as to whether or not he or she would answer questions. The accused had to be offered the services of an attorney, but the police always had the right to arrest the person with the weapon, after that weapon had been shown to be the murder weapon.
    BART officials, the local District Attorney's and now the State Attorney General have all weighed in-yet there has still not been an arrest made in this case. All of the time-honored mythology surrounding the behavior of police; has in this case been shattered. When crimes are committed by civilians they are summarily arrested and charged, often within hours. But when an "officer" kills someone whether with bullets or by Taser (400 known instances- so farno action against the police is taken for an extended period of time. That practice compounds the original crime and is far more serious because it means that those who are responsible for enforcement do not face the same consequences as do the citizens. that these 'officers' are supposedly charged with protecting the public from, but also from the government as well! Where is the US Attorney for Northern California in all of this or for that matter Barack Obama ? This crime is about the latest death of only one man, but how any society treats the least among themselves can cast a giant shadow over the whole nation.
    Every official that has obstructed the resolution of this case needs to be fired and then charged as a co-conspirator in this execution. To do less is to admit that the citizens in the nine Bay Area Counties are living under a form of Martial Law. There should be an 'All Points Bulletin' issued for the immediate arrest of Johannes Mehserle, before another day passes. Bush never found Osama bin Laden, but will it take Obama's AG to find one lone BART thug? This is an intolerable outrage against us all! (2)
    Since The Bush Doctrine of 2002 went into effect, America has been living as a nation without laws. Those wearing a uniform in this country have become a major part in a lawless society unto themselves, and this must be ended if we are to have a country that has any authority to function as a nation of laws instead of as the outlaw State that the USA has now become.
    This behavior is part of what sponsored an open letter to Rouge Officers written in February, 2008."Your numbers may be growing among the millions of people wearing some kind of badge in the United States, but your days are numbered. Not because of any direct threat from people like me; no what I'm talking about here is the threat that you are creating all by yourselves. If you had been paying attention you would have seen this coming on your own.
    What the military and the mercenaries are doing in Iraq and Afghanistan each of you is now doing here, in your own tiny little world so full of arrogance and basic brutality. Every time you beat a man senseless, or shame a woman to tears in front of her loved ones, or randomly kill someone either by accident or by design it happens just because you can - so you make more than enemies - you plant the seeds of your own violent end." (3)
    Thirty years ago I did the art for "The Forgotten Victims of Violent Crime." This was a California effort to protect those without a voice who were being victimized twice by violent crime. First by the criminals that committed these crimes and then by the uncaring State, that had not responded to these victims as they needed to, under the laws at that time. The project led to The California Victims Bill of Rights in 1980. This criminal act makes a travesty of that effort.(4)
    The execution of an unarmed and thoroughly contained individual on the Fruitvale BART platform on New Years day constituted a crime against society, as well as being a murder. Wanted posters for the officer on that video ought to be posted on all BART trains, in every car, right after everyone that has not acted thus far, has been summarily fired!
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    'Rouge Officers'. So this guy has a problem with San Francisco cops wearing make-up?
    'Bush Doctrine'. He seems to have missed the pre-election brew-ha-ha over the fact that is no 'Bush Doctrine'.
    Wether this guy's heart is in the right place or not he seems to be living in his own world and is missing the boat to reality island by having a rather tendentious grasp of leftist populist historical mythology.
    The road to serfdom is paved with free electric golf carts.